Chapter 16

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**Warning: Long chapter ;_; , Kissing , and Torture
|Hope you don't mind I'm doing warnings now | **

Our session was inturupted as Sam walked through the door with 2 bags of food. I quickly pulled away and looked at Sam as my face turned red.
"Great timing, Sam" I laughed lightly and walked over to the table where he had put the food. I rummaged through the bag and found a cup with a salad looking thing and I pulled it out,
"Gross, who's is this?"
"That's mine, and it's not gross. It's healthy" Sam said and grinned at me.
"You eat way to well" I rolled my eyes and pulled out a cheeseburger and fries.
"Aww, no drinks?" I pouted as I took the burger out of the wrapping.
"Hah, we have some here. Deal with it, Singer" Sam shrugged.
"That's not my real last name, you know" I placed my hands on my hips and looked him in the eye, then took a bite of my burger making the situation a bit funnier.
"Well, I'm calling you Singer" Sam said and took his salad in a cup. I shrugged, sat down, and started to eat my fries. I stood up and walked to the fridge,
"Wow, we got stuff don't we. Bunch of beer is all I see" I grabbed 3 beers and sat back down, handing them out. I cracked mine open like it was nothing and took a sip. I turned my head ever so slightly and took another bite of my burger.
"Okay, so when I examined the body, there were large scratch marks up their body and slightly on their face. I'm thinking probably a werewolf. I doubt a wendigo would just leave them like that. They usually just catch the people and save them for later." I slid a fry in my mouth and looked at the boys,
"Also, after dinner, I'm printing out the pictures I took then sleeping. In the morning I'll go get the reports, while I'm doing that, you 2 can stay here and look at the photos." Dean chewed on his bacon burger then nodded,
"Sounds good" he replied with food in his mouth.
"By the way, chew with your mouth closed, that's disgusting." I finished off my fries and quickly stuffed the rest of the burger into my mouth. I took a swig of the beer and put it back down,
"You guys need better taste" I shook my head and walked to my room to print out the photos. I quickly flipped on the lights and sat down at my table, plugging my phone in to my computer. I printed out the pictures and walked back to the boy's room to hand them the pictures.
"I'm off to bed" I smiled and walked over to Dean and kissed him on the cheek. He went to kiss me again and I shook my head, he groaned in response.
"Night, Princess" he smiled and I walked back to my room. I locked the door and got into my tank and comfy shorts, then crawled into bed and flipped off my lamp light. I quickly drifted into a deep sleep.

I woke up at about 9 and ran to the bathroom. I hopped in the shower and washed up.
"IT WAS THE SUMMER OF '69!!" I had the bar of soap in my hand and danced around in the shower. Hell, I didn't jut sing, I preformed. I went for a turn and slipped and fell. I laughed uncontrollably and lifted myself back to my feet and quickly rinsed the soap off my body and the conditioner out of my hair. While laughing at my earlier actions, I slipped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. I looked in the mirror and tried to look serious, but it didn't work. I laughed, but stopped myself when I heard a knock at my door. I sighed, tied up my towel to make sure it didn't fall, then walked to the door after I grabbed my pistol. I looked through the peep hole, but saw no one. I opened the door cautiously and saw it was only Dean. Once I realized it was him I slipped my pistol back on the little side table by the door,
"Good morning, Winchester" I greeted him as I let him in before closing the door. I ran over to the bathroom and grabbed my bag on the way in, slipping into the same clothes as I wore to the scene. I opened the door and grabbed my brush then walked over to Dean,
"What's up?"
"Nothing, just wanted to say Good Morning" he smiled at me.
"Mhm, you're just here to see if you can go to the police department with me, aren't you?" I smirked at him.
"You caught me" He laughed.
"Well, I suppose you could tag along" I shrugged and dragged the brush through my hair before walking to the bathroom and getting my dryer out. U quickly dried my hair and walked back out to Dean and slipped on the same heels as yesterday.
"Lookin sharp, Winchester" I winked at him then grabbed my phone and keys, then slipped out the door. I walked over to my car and slipped in the drivers seat and waited for Dean. While he was making his way to the car Summer of '69 came on and I giggled remembering this mornings shower situation. He took his seat in the passengers seat and I pulled out, then headed to the police station.
"JIMMY QUIT, JODI GOT MARRIED" I screamed along. I'm not exactly the best scream singer you've ever met, but I try. I pulled into the police station as the song ended. I laughed and walked out and locked it once Dean got out. We quickly made our way inside and walked to the desk.
"Hello, I had an appointment with the deputy this morning" I flashed my badge and she led me to his office. We took our seats and the deputy walked in.
"It's nice to see some young faces in the FBI. How are you today?" He asked me and extended his hand. I gladly took his hand and shook it,
"Good, and how might you be, deputy?" I smiled politely.
"Good, thanks for asking." He smiled back and extended his hand for Dean to shake. Dean shook his hand and the deputy took a seat.
"Looking nice" the deputy looked at me and smiled.
"Thank you, sir.." I smiled small.
"Now, we came here for the records. And if possible we would like to know anything about the death"
"Of course" he replied as he handed me the records, stroking my hand in the process. I yanked my hand back and tried to play it cool. He's like 50! What the hell?!
"Anything you know about the death, deputy?" Dean asked a bit impatiently.
"Well yeah, she highly enjoyed this town, lots of people knew her" The deputy grunted.
"If I might ask, why are you in such a bad mood?" Dean asked, not taking his eyes off the deputy.
"My wife's being.. ugh. Not the best days. And she walked in, and I just couldn't control myself. She's just so beautiful. In fact, would you like to go for dinner sometime?" The deputy looked at me. My mouth almost fell open and I replied in a sort of snappy tone,
"Deputy, this is just a meeting. I appreciate the compliments, but buddy, you're going overboard. You have a wife at home and you're attempting to ask me on a date?"
"Well, yes. I thought you might accept, and we're planning in divorcing and-"
"Woah woah woah. You're bringing up divorce at a meeting just because you're simply 'into me' ?! Sir, that is not how it works. I expected much more from a policeman, especially the deputy! Now, if you don't mind me, I'll be waiting outside. Once you're done here, Dean, just walk outside. Good day, sir" I stood up and walked out to my car. What is it with all the bitchy people in this town? I sighed and leaned up against the car.
Not much longer later, Dean walked out with the report and a large smirk on his face. He walked up to me and placed a kiss on my lips. I smiled,
"What's this all about?"
"Just a little encouragment" he smirked and got in the passengers seat and I took my seat in the drivers.
We buckled up,
"I need a bar" I sighed.
"Well, let's go" Dean smiled and I drove back to the motel.
We both got outside and ran inside. I quickly ran to mine and he ran to his. I was not going to a bar in my FBI clothing. I quickly got into some shorts and a white tee. I got into some converse and put my hair up in a messy ponytail. I shoved my phone in my back pocket and ran to the door. I opened the door and ran into Dean.
"Oops" I giggled and ran past him, after locking my door. I got into the drivers seat and once Dean got in, turned up the radio and drove to the bar.
We arrived at the bar and walked inside. I looked around, of course Dean insisted on going to one of the bars that had the dancing as well. We approached the bar and took our seats at the counter by the bartender. I looked at what I could get. Honestly, I was fine with anything. Dean ordered a round of beers for us and I gladly took it. He has such bad taste it's funny, but it's nice he's taking into consideration that I don't like the same brands as he does. I sipped on it and looked at the tv, seeing the case we were working on.
"Yeah, it's horrible isn't it" The bartender approached us and said.
"Yeah, I agree.." I took another gulp of my drink and set it on the counter.
"She was a good girl yah know. She was always trying to help. I still don't understand why she died." He stated.
"Well, we're looking into it. We're FBI" I said as I twirled the bottle around slowly on the counter.
"What's the FBI doing at at bar?" He asked while cleaning off the area next to me.
"Rough night, nothing much." I shrug and look back at the tv.
"Well, I hope it gets better here" He replied and looked at me with a soft smile. I nodded and ordered another round.
"I have to pee" I said plainly to Dean. He laughed a bit before agreeing. I got up and ajusted my shorts then walked to the bathroom. I slipped into a stall and well, yeah. I flushed with my foot and walked to the sink to wash my hands. I scrubbed my hands together with soap before rinsing them off and drying them off with a paper towel. You know, the ones they still don't have at schools. I was about to go out when the air I breathed got cold and the mirror started looking foggy. I shook it off and walked to the door and tried to get out, but it was locked. I backed up and struck my foot out at the middle of the door. It didn't work. Now I was freaking out. I looked around for anything to defend me. I walked over to the stalls and grabbed the toilet paper holder, trying to yank it off. I successfully took it off within 3 tries. I walked out to see a pair of jet black eyes looking into mine. I breathed out heavily and jabbed the metal into his chest, even though metal wasn't used to kill demons,
"You know, guys aren't allowed in the girls bathroom"

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