Chapter 5

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--*--Kissing is in this chapter--*--
"I got your food Kay!" Sam called from the kitchen. I raced out of my room and grabbed the food and sat down on the couch to gobble on it.
"Took you long enough" I joked.
"So you feeling better?" Sam asked as he sat down next to me and rubbed my back.
"Actually, I'm feeling a lot better." I smiled and continued to eat my food.
"That's good. Dean said he'd watch you, did he do good?" Sam smirked at me.
"Yes, but are you inplying something is between us?" I asked, looking up from my food to meet his gaze.
"Not necessarily.. well, yeah kind of" he replied smirking at me again.
"I can assure you that there is nothing between us. And if there was it would be a friendship. Let's just say, a guy kissed me, I wouldn't necessarily count that. I don't believe anything is, so honestly there isn't" I looked straight into his eyes.
"Whatever" Sam rolled his eyes and got up and went outside to work in the pole barn. I finished eating and Dean came up to me.
"There's nothing between us?" He looked a bit sad.
"We weren't supposed to cover it up for a little bit?" I smiled and threw out the empty bag that was filled with food.
"Good point" he said smiling, "well, I'm going to go out for a bit. Later"
"Bye" I smiled and went to my room.
Dean's POV
I drove down a couple roads down to the strip club. I don't know why, but I felt I needed some 'fun'. I pulled in and walked in taking my seat at the front. The people started dancing, but I think I met someone quite cute. We went to the hallway to the dressing rooms and started making out. Man, this girl was hot.
Kay's POV
I got into my skin tight black dress that went down mid thigh and ran out to my car. I drove down to work, but it was Emily's day off, so she wasn't there to greet me. I headed towards the dressing rooms. My mouth went ajar and my eyes were filling up with water. There was Dean and Tessa, the dancer. Tessa saw me run out of the building crying, and stopped, but Dean insisted to keep kissing her.
"You no see that girl? The one with blue eyes and brown hair? Kay? I see her" Tessa said. She also wasn't very American, so her wording wasn't the best too.
"Kay?! That was Kay? Shit" Dean mumbled. I just kept running, I ran out back to get into my car and just leaned up against the walls of the Alley Way thing.
"Where do dancers usually park?" Dean asked Tessa.
"Out back, you know?" She replied.
"Yeah, okay. Thanks" He let go of her and ran out of the building. Dean saw me and ran up to me and placed his arms on either side of me,
"Listen Kay-" I cut him off by slipping under his arm and going to my car and locked the doors. I shot him a quick middle finger and drove off with tears flowing down my cheeks and messing up my make up.
"Shit.. I messed up big time" Dean said as he held his hands up to his head.
I pulled up into Bobby's driveway crying. Sam ran up to me,
"Kay, what's wrong?" He asked confused.
"I lied earlier, we did have something... but not anymore. He ruined it" I shoved my head into his stomach and cried. Sam picked me up bridal style and walked me inside to my room. He lied me down on my bed and tried to talk to me,
"What happened?"
"He kissed me and I kissed him back, but then when I was going to work I saw him kissing Tessa. He screwed up Sam, he screwed up" I cried harder into his stomach.
"Yeah, he's Dean. He screws up a lot. And obviously you learned that.But don't let that tear you down! Just like someone else!" He lightly lifted my chin so I was looking at him,
"Yeah, he does screw up a lot"
"Yes he does" Sam said smiling at me. I hugged Sam, he felt like the brother I've always wanted. When I was younger, my little brother died with my mom because my dad kept them in. I got out of the house on my own without him noticing, but it was too late to go back and get my mom and brother, my kitten Mittens got out too with me. Although, a couple years later he sided because my dad killed her once he found me. Now that I live with Bobby, I don't think my dad can fine me. I think.
Dean's POV
I walked up to Kay's door and saw her head pushed into Sammy's stomach. She was hugging him and he was hugging her, I wanted to go in and just rip him off of her, but I knew that wasn't the right thing to do. I had made her cry, I didn't even know what came over me it's like I was in a trance, like someone was controlling me... Controlling. That's it! She said 'Kiss me' and I did! She must've made me! I have to tell them, but they're probably completely mad at me...
What do I do?
Kay's POV
"Thanks Sam" I smiled and wiped my eyes.
"Yep, and from now on. Just call me Sammy" he said nodding and hugging me a bit tighter.
"You got it Sammy" I said smiling. I reached up and kissed his cheek as a thank you and he nodded and walked out. I lied down on my bed, how could Dean do such a thing? I thought he said he liked me, that we had something. Then he goes and makes out with Tessa! Why?! Well, I guess it just wasn't ment to be.. I guess. But before I knew it, Dean came barging into the room, jealousy was in his eyes.
"Listen Kay, she's one of those people who control you verbally. She said 'Kiss me' and I did because she controlled me... verbally. There is something between us, and I want it to stay that way. Forever" he looked at me and smiled. I tried to smile back to him, but I didn't know if I could.
Could I?
He came over to my side and sat next to me on the bed,
"So can we?" He asked. I opened my mouth to answer him, but instead he kissed me and said,
"Please" I can't deny that, damnet Dean...
"I guess, but you can have only one chance after this, don't screw it up. You're lucky I'm doing this, in not a big person to forgive anyone" I replied. He smiled showing his pearly whites. I smiled lightly back at him. You know, I didn't think I was going o give him another chance, but he ever breaks that last chance... I guess I'm going to have to get over him. I really didn't want to do that. I leaned in and brushed my lips against his softly, but it was short. Then, I got up, smiled at him, then walked out of my room.
"Sammmmyyyyy!!" I moaned.
"Yeah?" He called back from the kitchen.
"I need rocksalt" I replied with a smile. He handed me some and I popped it into some bullets and loaded my gun. I put it back in my pocket just in case. Dean walked out after me,
"Wanna watch a movie tonight?"
"We don't exactly have a TV" I said gesturing to the spot where I think there should be.
"I can borrow one from a friend" he said shrugging.
"You just aren't going to give up... but sure, whatever" I said rolling my eyes.
"Okay, I'll go grab it" he replied as he grabbed his keys and ran out to the Impala. He got out there and grabbed it from the back seat, then walked back in and placed it down.
It was about 10 at night and Bobby and Sam were fast asleep. Dean and I were sitting on the couch watching "The Mask" an older movie. I flipped the TV on and it started, I rested my head up against his chest. My eyes felt heavy, but I didn't want to sleep. Soon enough, I was half asleep. I felt Dean shift under my head and lied down, he wrapped his arms lightly around me and we both slowly drifted asleep.
I stretched out my arms, but only to see Dean was still asleep with his arms around me.
"Come on, time to wake up" I tried to shake hin, but he had a strong grip.
"Just five more minutes, princess" he groaned.
"No, we have things to do, food to eat, monsters to kill" I said trying to get out of his grip. He didn't budge,
"Nooooooooo" he groaned again. Gosh danget Dean, just wake up.
"Come on" I said as I finally got out of his grip and shook him. His eyes slowly fluttered open, to meet mine.
"I'll wake up if you give me a kiss" he said smirking. I rolled my eyes and lightly kissed him, he shot up and he was ready to start the day.

God Dean...

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