Chapter 2

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  Dean's POV *

  "Maybe you should bring her along. Let's be real, she always has been a great hunter. She's done a few by herself too, not far from here of course. Took a nest down by herself. And, I mean, I raised her." Bobby said as Kay stayed in her room.
  "Bobby, I don't want to risk her getting hurt." I quickly replied while looking him in the eye. I know how much he hates it when you talk to him without making eye contact, most of the time.
  "Yeah right, grow a pair and take her with you. But, if I find out something horrible happened to her, I'll have both your heads." Bobby threatened.
  "I take it as there's no getting out of this..?" I questioned with a defeated sigh.
  "Hell yeah." He smirked and took a sip from the glass at his side.

Kay's POV ****

After quite some time, I decided to not be a total ass and walk out of my room. I was greeted by Bobby searching through some books and the boys sitting casually on the couch. I sighed and took a seat next to Dean,
  "Sorry about blowing up on you guys earlier, I don't have too much of a filter." I shrugged and smiled.
  "Nah, it doesn't matter."
I looked up and saw Bobby quickly look back down to his book, as if he was saying something to Dean. I raised an eyebrow, but imediatly ignored it.
I got up from my spot next to Dean on the couch, and made my way to the door. I slid on my shoes and made my way out the door to the junkyard. I walked over to a beautiful 1969 corvette. I smiled to myself and took a seat on its comfortable seats. As the smile stayed plastered to my face, I turned up the radio, quite loudly if you asked me. 'Welcome to the jungle' by Guns N Roses came by. I silently danced as I examined the hood. Nothing seemed out of place, so I just closed it and walked to the side of it. Noice. My foot landed on a skateboard and I softly layed my back on it, using my feet to push myself under the car after grabbing my wrench. I adjusted a few things here and there before hearing footsteps. I ignored them and hummed along to the song 'Heat of the moment' by Asia that had taken over the radio. I tried pushing myself out, but hit someone's legs and accidently slid off.
  "Ouch." I muttered and rolled over to look at the person.
  "Hey, princess." He smiled and extended a hand to help me up. I rolled my eyes and took it, letting him help me to my feet.
  "Give me a sec." I said as I quickly ran over to the radio to turn it down.
  "Okay, now. May I help you?" I asked as I leaned against the hood of the car, Dean as well.
  "I hear you're a good hunter, so I was wondering if maybe you wanted to tag along?" He asked with a smile,
  "I know, I'll give you a day to think about it, it may be-" I cut him off.
  "Oh hell no, I'm going, of course!" I smiled and hugged him. It was a bit awkward at first, but he soon hugged me back. I laughed lightly, shut the radio off, and darted inside with Dean close behind.

Sorry for yet another short edit, but it'll get long again! enjoy! :)

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