Chapter 17

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*****Dean's POV
We've been at the motel for longer than we normally would have, Kay still hasn't woken up.
Currently, I sat on the same bed as her, sitting next to her and watching her, hoping at any second she'll wake up. I sipped on my beer and just stared her down, why won't she wake up?! I'm not exactly the guy for expressing my feelings, but it felt as if my heart had cracked and someone pounded it with a mallet until it shattered. Just sitting here, knowing I couldn't do anything, didn't help either.
"Kay... I really need you to wake up. It's been 3 days and I can't explain how horrible it's been. I need your eyes to gaze back into mine. I especially need to see your smile.." I began, knowing Sam wasn't here to laugh at me, "My heart needs to be fixed, and you're the only one that has the glue to do it." I realized she wasn't going to wake up any time soon, and took that as the right time to shut up.
I downed the rest of my beer and leaned back against the wall.
God, she needed to wake up.
~Time skip to 2 days later~
***** Kay's POV
I kept running, it was a never ending world of darkness. It followed me everywhere I went. I slowly began to give up and slumped to the floor. The walls began to close in around me and the need for air was overwhelming. I took in a heavy breath and....
My eyes shot open and I sat up in the bed, gasping for air. My eyes darted around, not remembering ever wondering in here.
"Dean? Is that you?" I asked as looking to the figure next to me. Their eyes were closed and their breathing was light. I took the covers off of me and quickly realized I was only in my bra and sweat shorts. My lace bra wasn't exactly the best thing to be in at the moment. I stood up quite shakily and examined the stitches and bruises that were trailed all over my body. The door to the motel swung open, surprisingly it didn't make a sound. My hunter instincts kicked in and I grabbed the gun on the table next to my bed, cocked it, and aimed it. I sighed in relief as I realized it was only Sam. I put the safety back on the gun, placed it down, ran over to him and hugged him.
"Sam, how long was I out?" I quickly asked as I let go of him.
"5 days. But, um, Kay? You're kind of.. um. In.." He gestured to what I was wearing quite awkwardly.
"I'm not ashamed, like what yah see?" I said with a wink and laughed. He awkwardly gave his award winning grin, then wiped it off his face when he realized Dean had woken up. Dean stood up slowly and looked at me with a soft smile. I smiled and walked up to him, giving him a huge hug. He carefully hugged me, knowing it might hurt a bit. But I didn't care, all I cared about was the fact that I was with him again, and no one, I mean no one, was going to change that. No demon, no shapeshifter, no wendigo, no monster, no nothing. I smiled into his chest and he slowly lifted up my chin then placed a kiss on my lips. I smiled and melted into the kiss. I pulled away,
"I better get changed.." I laughed a bit.
"No, no you're fine" Dean smirked at me.
"Can I at least get some food? I'm pretty hungry" I smiled and looked at both of the boys.
"Sure, I'll go get some, Sam, stay here" Dean replied as he retrieved his keys and walked out to Baby.
I walked back to the bed and took my seat on it.
"Sam, can I ask you a question?"
"I think you just did." Sam grinned.
"Haha, very funny. Anyways, I just want to know.." I looked at him seriously. Like this would be the question of all questions.
"I'm kool right?" I ask, keeping my serious face on. Sam shifted to his other side and had a confused look on his face,
"Uh.. sure..?"
"Good" I smiled.
"Also, will you pull my stitches?" I asked.
"Yeah, sure." He shrugged, still obviously feeling awkward around me due to my lack of tee shirts. He began to pull the stitches and I held in my breath, ready for pain. Surprisingly, I had a lot on my mind and didn't even realize when Sam had finished. I get up and look at all the scars and such in the bathroom mirror. I pout and just decide to shower. It always has helped me, the hot water just seems to sooth me. If I'm mad, sad, anything, I will take a shower. So that's what I did. I blasted music as I danced in the shower.
"SO WHAT IF YOU CAN SEE, THE DARKEST SIDE OF ME. NO ONE WILL EVER CHANGE THIS ANIMAL I HAVE BECOME" I practically screamed in the shower. I grabbed onto the soap bar and started to act like it was a microphone. Eventually, I slipped and fell. There was a thud when I did slip and Sam quickly came to the door,
"Kay? Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I just slipped." I said with an laugh. I stood back up, a bit wobbly, and finished my shower. Quickly, I dried off, and got into some sweats and a lace tank. I looked in the mirror, the foggy mirror. I smirked and drew on the mirror. Damn, I was mischievous. I giggled and walked out of the bathroom with a chill. Dean walked in and set the bag of food on the table, which I quickly ran over to.
"Sweet Jesus in the sky" I said and quickly unwrapped a burger.
After we had all finished our food, it was back to Sam researching, and Dean and I looking through books.
"You know, I think that demon that kidnapped me actually could've been the problem. I mean the scratches could pass as cuts from a knife. And that sounds like something the demon would do." I said as I continued to look through the book.
"That's true. They could've. What do we do? It's already dead. Maybe it just returns the bodies after they're dead. But, do we just stay here a few more days to make sure that we got the right thing?" Sam asked.
"Sounds like a plan, stan." I said as I closed my book and made my way towards my bed. Ugh, I was so tired.
"I'm going to bed." I yawned.
"Kay, it's only like 6." Sam stated.
"So? What's your point?" I asked before sliding under the covers and getting comfy. Slowly, I drifted off to sleep.
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