Chapter 12

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I looked around, spotting black eyes everywhere. I must've been in hell. Sure, I get that he's the king of hell, but he's got to teach me how to teleport. Maybe I was just a human, maybe I wasn't. But he had to teach me. But soon, Crowly entered the room with a bloody knife and a grin on his face. What did I know that he needed to know..?
Dean's POV

"Shit, where do you think they went?" I asked Sam frantically. I picked up my old flip phone and dialed Bobby's number.
"Hello?" Bobby's voice came on. He sounded pretty tired. Probably the fact that people like him sleep in, and don't wake up at 6 in the morning.
"Bobby, hey. Ummm, Crowly took Kay somewhere. Got any places he could be?" I asked as I threw my stuff into my bag. I zipped it up and motioned for Sam to get his stuff ready.
"He what?! Stop over at my house, NOW!" Bobby yelled through the phone. Bobby slammed the phone back.
"Hurry up, Sammy. We're going to Bobby's" I said as I went outside and put my bag in the back seat. I looked at the back seat for a while and just kinda thought about how Kay had recently been sitting there, asleep. I shook out all the thoughts and ran back inside, changing quickly into the change of clothes that I layed out on the bed. Put my leather jacket on over my black tee shirt and quickly ran out to the car with the keys. I waited eagerly for Sam to get out here. Sam ran out, threw the bag in the back seat, and got into the passengers side. We started the drive to Bobby's after Sam locked the door.
God how I hoped she was alright.
Kay's POV
My arms were completely scarred and red all over. Blood poured out of the unattended wounds Crowly had made in my arms and legs.
"Don't mess with me, Kay. You're testing my non patients." Crowly said as he once again wiped off the blood covered knife. I shook my head,
"I told you, I don't know. I'm not the snooping type." I said back as I moved around in the ropes I was bound in.
"Don't try to escape, those ropes are secured too much. But you sure do look like the snooping type. After all you are a monster are you not?" He said smirking. My eyes grew wide,
"I am not a monster, I am a normal person with a screwed up life. I will never be a monster, and I do not wish to be." I said sternly.
"Ugh, you take to long to crack. I need a break. Preferably an Alchol break. Would you like some scotch?" He said as he took off his blood stained apron and set his knife down. I shook my head,
"No thank you" I guess he must've taken that as a yes, please do get me some scotch so I can get drunk and people will think I died of a drug! He walked out of the room and into some other one and closed the door. I took that as an escape chance. I threw my feet up onto the table with his knives and quickly grabbed an un used one. I raised my foot as high as it could go and reached out my neck. I grabbed the tip of the knife carefully in my teeth. I raised my head up high and grabbed the knife carefully with my hands. I cut carefully, but fast as well. The ropes bound around my wrists were now gone. But the pain had stayed. Putting the pain besides me, I quickly ran out of the room and dodged the room Crowly was in. I ran out into the fresh air and saw the building I was in, some sort of old brick building with broken windows. But, I hadn't noticed all the demons walking the ground that I was at the moment. They all noticed me at once and ran after me. I slashed my knife around in the air, hoping to at least scratch them. Sadly, I had only hit 3 of them. They had died, but there were hundreds more. They all circled me and threw me back into the room, tieing me up once again. They did not tell Crowly, because they must have thought he would be disappointed. I'm not going to lie, he probably would be. As Crowly entered the room the other demons fled the room quickly. I sighed realizing the torture was soon to continue once again. He put a glass up to my mouth, filled with scotch I suspected, but it was anything but. The 'scotch' bubbled and had death practically wrote all over it. I shook my head without opening my mouth because he would have surely forced it into my mouth.
"Now, Kay, Please do tell us the highlights of your monsterality" he chuckled at his own stupid word play.
I shook my head forcefully once again, "I am not a monster, no matter what you pig headed, ugly, demons think. You see monsters kill. I DO NOT KILL" Crowly laughed mockingly,
"You're wrong about that, Kay. You kill not only monsters, but your kind as well"
"I kill them for the greater good, no one wants monsters roaming around killing innocent people.." I looked down at the ground. But I was a monster, and I still am..
"If you kill them for the greater good, why are you still here?" He smirked and jabbed the knife into my thigh. But he was right, why hadn't I? I am a monster and will always be no matter what.. and all I've ever done is kill other monsters. I don't see why I hadn't killed myself. But my thoughts were inturupted as Crowly slashed a line through my stomach. I screamed out in pain, but Dean busted open the doors. I stopped screaming as I saw the relieving emerald green eyes meet mine.
"Boys boys, just in time. You're friend here was just about to admit something.. perhaps about monsters?" And with a swipe of his hand Sam and Dean were thrown up against the wall, Crowly forcing them to hear my deepest secret. Even Bobby hadn't known. But did I truly wish to say the thing I was out loud? I really did not, but did I have a decision? Crowly was standing in front of me with a wicked grin a bloody knife, while Sam and Dean's bodies were pressed up against the hard white walls forced to hear everything I said.

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