Chapter 21

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Flashback 1:

"GET THE HELL OUT I SAID. I DONT WANT YOU YOU LITTLE SHIT. YOU WERE A MISTAKE. I NEVER SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN JENNY PREGNANT." His cold words hit me hard. The worst thing about it all was the fact that I actually believed him. Tears filled my eyes, slowly falling out one by one. He shoved me back, out the door and onto the cold hard ground. I was so young, but he kicked me out. When I stood up he shoved me back again, making me fall once more.
"LEAVE. I DONT WANT YOU. NO ONE WANTS YOU." He shouted again. His words kept getting to me. Tears began to freely flow down my cheeks. I stood up and turned around, beginning to walk away. I took one look back at the man, the man that I called 'Dad' for years. I shook my head as tears flowed down. I sighed heavily and began walking down the street. The cold raindrops hitting my body.
I was a mistake.

Flashback 2:

"What's your name?" A older man asked me. He was wearing worn clothes and a old ball cap. He had a beard as well. I thought of not telling him, but I realized he was the only person that might help me.
"I'm Kay," I whispered the next part, "I'm also a mistake.." He must've heard it because he shook his head at me.
"Kay you are no mistake. You're a beautiful little girl, and you sure as hell are no mistake." He smiled at me while shaking my shoulder lightly. I put my arms out to him. All I needed was the comfort of a human. He smiled lightly and picked me up. I hugged him tightly and cried on his shoulder.
"Do you have a bag? Where are your parents?" He asked while rubbing my back. I shook my head,
"No.. my daddy kicked me out. He said I was a mistake and that no one wants me.. why are you hugging me if no one wants me?" I wiped my eyes with my small hands.
"Well, that no good son of a bitch can go die. You know what, why don't I take you in? Would you like that?" He looked at me and I looked at him. I nodded my head and wiped my still teary eyes.
"Good." He smiled at me and kissed my head.
That was the start of my new life.

Flashback 3:

"Behind you!" Bobby yelled. I turned around quickly, yet swiftly. Quickly I stabbed my knife into the creature in front of me. Orange lights erupted from its eyes and mouth as it screamed. I yanked the knife out of his chest and watched his now lifeless body slump to the ground. I turned around once more to see another one wrestle Bobby. Without thinking, I ran after it and stabbed the knife into his back, seizing him. It's arms rose up from Bobby's neck and fell down in pain. I grabbed my knife before he hit the floor and stabbed it once more, but in the chest. The Orange lights came back, in the same place. I yanked the knife our of his chest and held a hand out for Bobby to take. He gratefully took my hand and stood up, brushing himself off. I smiled at him, before I realized there was another demon running up behind him. I know I shouldn't have pushed him out of the way, but I slightly pushed him before throwing my knife at him, it hitting him right in the middle of the chest.
That was my successful first hunt.

Flashback 4:

"Bobby, I'm Ho-" I stopped mid sentence as I entered the living room. Standing before me were 2 nice looking men in front of Bobby. I gathered my holy water and splashed it at all three of them. No one was steaming or anything. This was odd, usually we didn't have guests. And when we did, they weren't even guests do to the fact that they were probably demons. I grabbed my knife and held it out in a ready position.
"Who are they?" I nod my head at them as I looked at Bobby. Both of the men's hands went up in the air.
"Kay, drop the knife. They're family friends" Bobby said cautioned. I took a second to think about his commands, but if this was really Bobby talking, he doesn't lie. So yes, I dropped my knife and carefully set it in my bag. I walked into the living
area, completely on guard as I approached the men.
"Then tell me your names, and all of that stuff" I said gesturing to the nice looking men in front of me.
"Umm, I'm Dean. This is my brother Sam. We're friends of Bobby's, so don't kill us. And we hunt and kill monsters. This probably sounds strange to yo-"
That was when I first met the Winchesters.

Flashback 5:

"I'm not exactly human..."I said quietly. What if they hated me for what I actually was? Sure the knives didn't work as well as wolfsbane did with hurting me.. but I still felt the pounding in my head as the cuts bled.
"And what are you?" Crowly taunted.
I shook my head once more. I wasn't exactly a monster, I use my powers for the greater good. I could never kill just one completely harmless human being that had done nothing to harm another.
"I'm not a monster, I told you!" I practically spat in Crowly's face. He carefully wiped it off his cheek and looked at me sternly,
"Well that's no way to treat the king of hell" He reached over to his table and grabbed wolfsbane.. my greatest fear. I could practically feel the burn of the wolfsbane on my face. He brought it over to me and placed it on my face. The burning was horrid, it felt as if your face being held in front of a fire as the flames reach out and slap your bare skin. My eyes welled up with tears and he decided to leave it rested against my face with his hand. I held in my screams for a more appropriate time. I met the caring yet Scared eyes of Dean Winchester.
He was my first and last thought I had. I had to do something, but I was still bound up.
"Let her go you son of a bitch!" Dean screamed across the room as he tried fighting the force holding him against the wall.
"Dean quit trying to fight it, you'll get hurt!!" I say as I shake in the ropes bound around my arms, keeping me sternly dangling from the ceiling.
"Well they won't be to happy with this," He made his hand into a first and in an instant they couldn't breath, "Tell us, or they die"
The tears in my eyes were now streaming down my face. I couldn't help to see Dean in this condition. I need to let them know.. no him.
"Okay," I said in between sobs, "Okay, Let them go!! And I'll tell.." He shook his head,
"Tell first, sweetheart"
"ALRIGHT!" I yelled at him, he was getting me mad now.
"FINE OKAY?! I'M A CURTANIS" I scream. I yelp after saying that, just telling them it made my stomach twist and turn. I felt as if I was going to puke, puke up everything.
"And what's that? Who do you work with?" Crowly twisted his lips onto a smirk.
"It's Practically Heaven's Missol! I'M A MISTAKE WAITING TO HAPPEN!! I work with the Angels.. but Dean. I would never do anything to betray you.. I promise" I say regretting every word. But I shouldn't, I should be proud.. I just saved Dean. Crowly quickly let them go and cut the ropes bound around my aching wrists.
"Have a good day, Boys.. oh and good day, Adeline" He smirked once more and with the snap of his fingers Sam, Dean, and I were all back in the motel room.
That's when I finally told someone about what I truly was.

Flashback 6:

We continued to scream along go music. Finally, the red light goes to green and Dean began to drive at the intersection. There were skidmarks from the side and I turned my head just in time. But I can tell you, I shouldn't have. With a loud thud and the screams of Sam and Dean, the light faded away from me. A liquid began to flow freely down my forehead. The light faded away and I was left with silence and darkness everywhere.

And that's where I left off.

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