Chapter 8

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I panicked, frantically looking for any type of way to get out of this room, any thing would help. That's it!! My bobby pin!! I reached into my boot and pulled out a bobby pin, trying my best to pick the lock. Eventually the door easily slid open and I rushed across the hallway and slammed open Sam and Dean's door... but they were sound asleep. Was I truly goung insane?
"What's wrong?" Dean mumbled from his bed. I shook my head and replied back with,
"Nothing. I thought I heard something. It must have just been my imagination.." But was it really just my imagination? Because honestly, I didn't feel like it was. In fact, I felt like I really was going insane. But it couldn't be, I wasn't the crazy type... not unless you count hunting for most of my life crazy, then that could be considered a tad bit crazy. But not to the point that I was practically hearing and seeing things. My head spun with all the different thoughts going around my head, I had to hold on to the wall for balance. The world was spinning, and it wouldn't stop. I tried stumbling back to my room, but when I got there and closed the door, everything turned black. The world around me had gone from lighter colors, to a cometely black scene. I didn't know what was going on until...
"Hello, I am Castiel. An angel of the Lord" A voice rang in the distance. I opened my eyes to see me in my basic clothes, but in a field.
"Who said that?" I asked as I frantically looked around the field to see if anyone was there. It was a beautiful scenery, and I must say I absolutely loved it. I sat up and looked around the field, but soon a man with blue eyes and a trench coat appeared in front of me.
"Kay, this is very important. What you're going through at the hospital is not good at all. You must keep your guards up at all times. This is not a test, but it will do you good" then Bam, everything went back to normal. I got up off of the rock hard ground and stumbled over to my bed. But by the time I woke up, it was already morning. The guys had walked into my room looking confused. I didn't exactly know how I looked, but all I knew is that I probably looked like a wreck. I bet my hair was all over the place and dark circles were under my eyes do to the lack of sleep I had gotten.
"You look.... good?" Dean questioned.
"Well, you don't look very promising either" I tried as hard as I could to rub the sleep out of my eyes. I smoothed out my hair as well as I could by running my infers up and down through the tangles, eventually I got it as good as I could and I put it up in a ponytail. I stumbled out of bed and started walking with them. But soon we were inturupted by the doctor who had enrolled us all,
"Hello, umm Megan, sorry to inturupted your conversation, but I'm afraid we're going to have to split you up from them for a couple hours at the most. Your relationship is a bit to close with them. Hopefulky you'll make a couple new friends." He cheered.
"Sorry, but I don't like leaving my big brothers... They're all I have now" I faked a smile then the doctor nodded,
"Yes, but patients shouldn't have as strong as a realationship as you three do."
"Well I'm not leaving" I crossed my arms and pouted, acting like I was 4. But I must say, I'm a pretty good actress.
"Sorry, but you have to" He said as he grabbed my arm and tugged me along. Damn... he's good. He tugged me into his 'Private Office' and locked the door. I grew nauseous at the fact that the doctor had just locked himself and I PRIVATELY into his PRIVATE office.
"Please, take a seat" he said smiling at me as he gestured to the seat. I cautiously take a seat and look at him curiously.
"What do you need?" I asked.
"Everything from you" he said as a smirk appeared on his lips. He stood up from his desk and walked over to me with a sly smirk still glued to his ugly, mischievous face. My eyes grew wide in horror,
"What do you mean..?"
"Everything that you think it means, my dear" He sat down at my side and placed small kisses at my cheek. I quickly slapped him,
"I have a boyfriend!!" I lied. I considered Dean a boyfriend, but I don't know if he did. He never really physically asked me out.
"Who is it?" He asked as he continued.
"I'm not telling you, you'll just find him and kill him" I snapped at him as I stood up and kicked at the door even though it wouldn't unlock.
"Not necessarily, I have other people do my dirty work for me" He replied as he walked over to me and grabbed me at my waist and pulled me back.
"Oh fun, now get off me pervert!!" I yelled as I elbowed him in the groin.
"What was that for... sweetheart?" He said as he let go and bent down a bit. I loved watching people like him in pain when they were doing stuff that wasn't necessarily good. And this sure as hell wasn't good at all. I kicked and punched at the door, but it didn't budge. All it left me with was a pair of bloody knuckles, and hurting feet. I mean of course they were combat boots, but they didn't exactly protect your foot or toe. I let out a high pict he's scream, and someone heard me. But it wasn't Sam and Dean, it was one of the people who worked there, They hurried to the door,
"Doctor? Are you okay? Is there soneone in there with you? Would you unlock the door please? Please?" She practically ran out of breath by the end of her sentences.
"Yes I'm fine, yes there's someone in here. No I will not open the door, No" he replied as he bent back to his oroginal place.
"Yes, Doctor" She scurried away. Poor girl, she's probably been.. well yeah, by this pervert standing behind me.
"Now where were we?" He asked as he advanced towards me. I didn't think, I just grabbed his arm and twisted it upwards and tried throwing him over my shoulder. An ear-crushing Crackcame from his limp body that now later on the ground. But he some how got back up, almost like he wants affected. I had a feeling he was a type of monster, but not a human-killing-obsessed kind. If anything, he was obsessed with younger girls. I dashed to his desk and found a small remote and hit 'unlock' and sure enough, the door clicked and it swung open. Despretly, I dashed out of the door and headed towards Sam and Dean. I saw them and collided into Dean. He grabbed onto me as we both fell to the floor.
"What happened?!" Dean said as we rested on the ground, me on top of him lightly.
"The Doctor.. kissed.. pervert." I said between breaths. I rested my head lightly on his chest and listened to his shallow breaths.
"That, that bitch! He can't be laying hands on my girl!" He yelled, "er, my sister!!"
I let out a chuckle and placed a kiss lightly on his cheek and I gathered my breath and stood up. He stood up after me and looked around for the doctor. When he had spotted him, he started walking. But me being me, I ran out in front of him and held my hand up to his chest,
"That pervert isn't worth it Dean, he's not" Dean's green eyes went back to sincerity as he wrapped his arms around me in a hug.
"Thanks Brotha" I said acting like I was cool. We both let go of each other and headed back to Sam. The doctor winked and I just about hurled. I bent over all ready to puke, but instead of puke... I coughed up a bit of blood. I quickly wiped my mouth and trailed behind Dean. I needed to get my act together, try to hold back the blood. Its almost like I was being torn apart from the inside out...

Was I?

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