Chapter 25

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Kay's POV

I had left the Edge household and made my way back home. As happy as I was for getting out of there, I didn't like that I lied to her about him being safe. There's a good 98% chance he's not going to be safe. Especially with Bobby's reasoning. I'm not saying he's not good with coming up with ideas, but when stuff like this happens, let's just say he gets a little insane in the membrane.

Insane in the brain.

As I rounded the corner, onto Bobby's road, the Impala caught my eye. As well as something inside it. Scratch that, someone. Curiosity took over and I parked my car on the opposite side of the road. Yes, I'm aware, curiosity killed the cat, but I'm no cat. Not to mention, curiosity is probably the thing that keeps me going. That need for adventure, saving the day, but at the same time, your curious as to if that will be your death day. The day you fade from the world and become an angel, or a demon.

I approached the car with ease, my hand resting on my belt. My coat hid the gun stashed in my belt, which I was thankful for.

Once I reached the car, the person stopped moving, until they slowly ducked and got out of the car. My hand rested on my gun, ready to yank it out if needed.
"Hey there, pretty lady!" The man smiled. I made a disgusted face,
"Who are you, and why are you searching someone's car?"
"Well, you see, I'm a police officer, and I have the right." He shrugged and showed me the badge patched onto his uniform.
"Mind holding this for me real quick? Gotta tie my shoe." I held out a silver locket. Pure silver.
"Not at all!" The officer smiled and took the locket. No reaction. I silently cursed as I kneeled down and tied my shoe. Until I was rudely inturupted.

My hair was grabbed and yanked back, I flew across the road. My voice caught in my throat as my head pounded when it came in contact with the hard ground. I went to pull my gun out of my pocket, but the person had already stepped on my wrist. I kept my yelp in as I yanked my hand back from under their shoe. I slowly rose to my feet, only figuring out it was Ben. A really old pal of mine. I met him at a grocery store, my first real friend.

His eyes widened when he realized who I was.
"Ben..?" I was shocked. What the hell happened to him.
"Kay..?" A smile slowly took place on his face. He quickly shook it off when the officer cleared his throat and spoke,
"Ben, no time for reunions. Kill her. I want her head."
"Damn, what'd they do up the price in hell?"
"Actually, yes. Half of Heaven and all of Hell's lookin' for the great Kay's head. Oh, and they've got quite the price."
"Well, I'm sorry, but you're not getting my head. Not today anyways. Especially not with scrawny little Ben here." I give a small signal to Ben, hoping he still remembered what it meant. We had created little signs for when we got in trouble and one of us had to lie about each other.
"What?! I am not scrawny! How dare you!" He nodded his head slightly at me. I looked at the knife he was holding, then back to him. He nodded once again and lunged at me. As he lunged, I struck my hand out and grabbed the knife. Without hesitation, I looked to the officer and threw the knife, hitting him directly in the lower abdomen.

The officer flew backwards with a large groan in pain. He held onto the knife as he landed, soon trying to get it out. Before he could get it out, he stopped moving, and slowly dropped his hand to the ground.
"Yeah, he's really getting my head." I rolled my eyes and looked to Ben. He was absolutely shocked, but he shook it off his face and hugged me tightly.
"Kay! Where have you been?! How are you?! God, I missed you." He smiled and I hugged him back, just as tightly.
"I've been around, fine, not too bad. I missed you just as much." It felt great to hug him and tell him I missed him.

Ben's POV

"I highly doubt that." I said with a small laugh as I released her. It's defiantly been a while since I last saw her. She's gotten more attractive, but there was no way in hell I would be telling her that. Let's face it, we're best friends.

That's all we'll ever be.

"So what happened? Like, what I mean is, why are you working for bad people? How many people have you killed?" She looked at me, a bit of concern in her eyes.
"It's a long story... and kind of a long list.."
She took a step back at my reply,
"Why? Ben, what.. why would you?"
"I can ask you the same, why did you just kill him?"
"The fact that I was saving myself!"
"Maybe I am trying to as well!"
"Just, nevermind. I'm going." With that, she turned on her heel and headed towards her car. Instantly, I regretted yelling, I knew she hated that. She left, without a goodbye, just like last time.

Kay's POV

I left. Again. Just like I had before. Without a goodbye, no real reason, slamming my car door shut.

Yeah, maybe I was a total bitch for walking away, but that doesn't mean I mean it. Sure, I act tough, in fact, I am tough, but I'm a bitch. Everyone is.

I just have the guts to admit it.

Yeah, I also feel bad for making him think it was his fault. It wasn't, it's my fault. I'm a stubborn, cold hearted, bitch. As much as I hate to admit it, we all know it's true. I'm emotional, I'm a jerk, I may have anger issues, but still. I feel bad for leaving him like I did. Especially because It's not the first time. So I did what any rational person would do;

Drive home to drown myself in food.

I have no real reason as to why I didn't update, sometimes I'm just a really lazy person. But since I'm on Easter Break, then a little bit after I'm on spring break, I'll be trying to update as soon as I can. But I will be painting my room, again, I will try my best though. Anyways, Hopefully you enjoyed this chapter and can't wait for the next! Byeeee 😘

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