Chapter 19

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week later

"Jacob wake up , i sat your alarm clock last night so you would already be up" Selena complained walking into my room. I groaned and rolled away from her so i wasn't facing her.

"so Jake how's married life"  My dad asked laughing and Selena did too.

"Jacob Black get up" Selena whined and i got up and my dad looked at me with a smirk.

"just great" i grumbled being sarcastic and started to walk to my closet.

"already picked your outfit out for you" Selena smiled handing me cloths

"thank you baby" i sighed grabbed the cloths walking into the bathroom to change. She's so excided about this shopping trip , her and Kim have talked about it all week. Selena is fully healed now which im thankful for and i know she is too. She was so happy she didn't have to take her meds anymore. I finished changing and did my hair like normal and brushed my teeth.

"Jake hurry up the packs here" Selena said from outside the door. I rolled eyes and walked out of the bathroom and grabbed an apple.

"Lets go" i said and we walked out to Jared car. We all pilled in , none of the guys looked happy about this shopping trip. Its like 8 in the morning why do we have to go so early.

"me and Jake are matching on the first day" Selena told Rachel and Kim. The guys snicker and i rolled my eyes.

"shut up" i said and they laughed

"Awh! Jared we're doing that too" Kim squealed

"Same Paul" Rachel said

"AWH! LOOK AT YOU GUYS MATCHING WITH YOUR GIRLFRIENDS" I yelled laughing tapping there cheeks. they glared at me and slapped my hands away. Just trying to bring life to the group , Selena kept moving around next to me and we where all squashed together.

"Selena stop moving" i complained

"i cant breath in-between you guys" She complained so i moved her onto my lap.

"better" i asked

"yes much better" She said lightly kissing my nose. Then started messing with Seth

"why didn't Leah come" Selena asked

"She's meeting us there" I said. The half hour drive was uneventful it was spent laughing and arguing. We finally got to the Port Angeles and got out of the car. Leah pulled up behind us and got out and we walked in the first store we were drug into was forever 21. I was watching Selena shop with Kim and Rachel.

"i should get Rachel this" Paul snickered i looked over and seen he had a wait shirt that says 'flirt with me and my boyfriend will beat your ass'. I rolled my eyes at him as he ran over to Rachel like i child.

"Selena?" i heard someone call out. A guy when walking up to her and she looked at him like she was shocked and he hugged her , but she didn't hug back she seemed in shock. I walked over as he pulled away.

"Chris what are you doing here" She asked shocked

"i though you would be happy to see me" he smirked and i put my arm around Selena and pulled her into me more. I got jealous and Chris that name sounds so familiar.

"who's your friend" i asked raising an eyebrow

"he's not my friend , can we go to another store" She asked putting down cloths she had in her hand and i picked them back up.

"finish up here and i wont leave your side beautiful" i said kissing her cheek. She looked at me unsure for a minute and then looked at Chris.

"Awh , Selena do you need protection" He teased and Selena stopped and looked at him with a glare that would have scared me.

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