Chapters 18

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My mom mom's asleep and i have know idea where Matt is , he's probably with the wolves since he likes them better , which i don't understand why. Rosalie walked into my room , me and her got really close.

"hey" she said

"hey" i said lowly

"whats wrong" She asked full of concern

"i just realized im going to live forever and one day my mom , matt , brother , Selena , Seth , just everyone i love is going to die one day" I said with a sigh. Rosalie wrapped me up in a hug.

"Honey its going to be hard at first , but we will always be here for you , honestly i cant have kids but me and Emmitt look at you as our own child" She said and let me tell you if i could cry i would.

"Rosalie that's the nicest thing anything anyone has ever said , if i could cry i would" i said hugging her

"awh! sweetie" She said hugging back

"so does that mean i get to start calling you and Emmitt dad" I asked with a smirk while i pulled away

"if you want" she giggled

"ok mom lets go find dad" i said laughing , this is going to take time to get use to but i do look up to them as parents. We got up and walked out of my room to find dad. I jumped off the rail in the hallway and landed on my feet in the living room.

"JASMINE WE DONT JUMP OFF THE SECOND FLOOR" Rosalie shouted down to me

"SORRY MOM" i called back laughing and Emmitt walked in the living room and looked at me with a smile.

"Hey Daddy" i said skipping over to him. He laughed and raised an eyebrow.

"Skipping now? you've been spending to much time with Alice" He laughed ruffling my hair. I glared at him and fixed my hair.

"Did you just call him Daddy?" Jasper asked

"yup , he's my dad" i said plopping down.

"you and Rosalie had that talk didn't you" dad asked

"yup , so im bored and want to do something" I said

"we should all rest we had a long day fighting werewolves and the voturie isn't that enough for a day" Dad asked as mom walked in. This is going to get causing because my real mom is still here.

"this is going to me causing because my real mom is still alive and everything so im just gonna call you momma Rosalie" I said looking at her.

"yeah you have a good point momma Rosalie it is" She laughed

"Jasmine , in the morning we should go shopping" Alice said.

"if my wonderful father will give me money" I said batting my eyelashes at Emmitt when the door bell when off.

"I got it" i sighed and walking to the door. I opened it to see Jacob standing there at 2 A.M in the morning.

"Just the person i was looking for" He said walking in.

"Well come on im trying to get money from my dad" I said and we walked upstairs. I when and sat down next to my Dad and smiled.

"im broke" He said and i rolled my eyes and looked at Jacob.

"so what do you need" i asked Jake

"i need you to look into Selena future for me and tell me what you see , like about her injury" He said , i sighed and looked at him.

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