Chapter 11

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"that was amazing" i said kissing Jacobs chest that was going up and down rapidly.

"i can't image it getting any better , is your neck ok?" he asked worriedly looking at the bite mark. I now have an Imprint scent.

''yes don't worry about it" i said smiling at him the Imprint became a lot stronger it caused us both to cry but i didn't just cry i sobbed and im so embarrassed about it. The feeling was just so in tense i wasn't sure how to handle it. We are laying in Jacobs bed with cloths thrown everywhere and our naked bodies pressed against each other as we cuddled.

"i love you" i said pressing my lips onto his. He returned the kissed by deepening it. He grabbed my butt and placed me on top of him. I giggled in the kiss while he smiled.

"I love you too Selena Marie Clearwater" he said kissing my neck. Then someone knocked on the front door. He stopped and looked at me and then looked at the time.

"its 1:45 in the morning who would be here" He asked

"i don't know i'll get it" i said getting up grabbing Jakes shirt and a pair of sweats i left over here. I quickly put them on and Jake laughed as the person continued to pound on the door.

"what" i asked

"your gonna answer the door with out a Bra or underwear on" he questioned

"we're not done here... im just making them leave" i smirked and walked out of the room and made my way to the door.

"hey where kinda busy" i said opening the door and Jasmine was standing there crying. I hugged her tightly.

"whats wrong" i asked in a whisper.

"EMBRY KISSED ANOTHER GIRL" She shouted crying. I was shocked he cant kiss another girl he imprinted on her.

"he cant he Imprinted on you" i said watching her closely

"I SEEN IT" she shouted and i let her come in. Jake came into the living room in only his boxers , his hair was a mess which was my fault , and he had a glow to him i wonder if i have a glow.

"who was it babe" he asked rubbing his eyes.

"Jasmine Embry kissed another girl" i said and looked at Jasmine.

"She was beautiful but like really really pale like the cullins" Jasmine said. Me and Jake looked at each other.

"Embry had patrol tonight"  i said and Jake groaned putting his head down.

"what did she looked like" i asked

"She had black hair was thin and had a nice body , i seen them from a distances but i no Embry from anywhere" She said but then her crying stopped completely and she smirked at me and Jacob. we gave her a confused look.

"you guys had sex" she smirked me and Jacob blushed and looked away.

"Selena your neck" she gasped and touched it but it was sore.

"Ouch don't touch it" i snapped and Jake was at my side quickly.

"im so sorry" He said looking at it he has been stressing over this bite since he done it. Like he stopped completely after he did it and i talked him into finishing.

"don't be ill be healed by morning and it was going to happen one day anyways" i smiled running my hands threw his hair.

"how did that happen" Jasmine asked and i looked at Jake and asked if i should let her. We can talk through facial expressions which helps a lot. He shook his head yes.

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