Chapter 20

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I was in the woods patrolling alone , everyone just disappeared and the woods were eerily quiet. There was no birds singing no squirrels chattering and no bugs buzzing. What happened to everyone , there was an unearthing noise that came from the clearing. there is no words to explain this noise. I ran as fast as i could to the clearing , The Cullin's , Jasmine , Melissa , and Matt where laying on the ground dead. There stood Chris with the look of hate as him and Jacob stared at each other. Chris's eyes weren't normal they where a purplish brown color and he was growing taller and taller by the minute. he was as tall as the tree's and looked as if he stepped on Jake that would be the end of it. the forest around us caught on fire so there was no escape. Jacob phased back into human form for some odd reason.

"This is in-between us leave her alone" Jake growled

"i never got to finish what i started with her , now why would i leave her" Chris's laughed boomed around us.

"what are you , your not human or a leech" Jake asked , i left frozen in place as Chris kept his stare on me , it was like i couldn't move my legs only my head. My tail wouldn't even wag or tuck.

"a demon" he chuckled a chuckle that made the ground shake. He made a noise that sound like a cross between a crick and a bird. Suddenly three wolves jumped on Jake. He screamed in pain as i thrashed around trying to get out of the invisible hold to help him.

"SELENA HELP" he screamed and then everything grew quiet. The wolves left and Jake laid on the ground lifeless as blood poured out of him. A sob escaped my throat and i looked down to see i was in human form with a white short dress that kinda flowed and white flats. Tears ran down my face and hit the white dress leaving red stains. When your imprint or imprinter dies you will cry blood , Jake my imprinter died and i couldn't save him.

"Selena why didn't you save me why did you let me die" Jacobs voice rang through the clearing as Chris laughed and i fell to my knees unable to move.

"i tried Jake im sorry i couldn't move" i sobbed

"you just let me die , i though that you loved me" His voice said again

"i do love you , please Jacob im sorry" i sobbed and i never heard Jake's unforgiving voice again. Chris grabbed me and lifted me into the air to look into his giant eyes. I looked at my dress it was ruined all the blood in it from my tears that are still running out of my tear ducts.

"SELENA WAKE UP" Seth yelled and i woke up screaming and crying. I was covered in sweat and Leah , Seth , and Sue all stood in my bedroom looking at me franticly.

"it was a bad dream" i chocked out still wanting to cry , i tried my hardest not to but i lost and the tears started.

"what happened" Sue asked sitting down

"Chris was a demon and he was in the clearing , i heard a noise come from there so i ran there and seen the Cullin's , Jasmine , Melissa , and Matt dead. Jacob was standing there in human form staring at Chris as he grew to the size of tree's. He had other wolves come and kill Jake , his voice rang through the clearing blaming me for not helping him and letting him die and saying i didn't love him" i said that last part lowly and Sue wrapped me up in a hug.

"i promise you Jake is ok and knows you love him very much try to get some sleep" Sue said getting up and they started to walk out of my room but i grabbed Seth's hand.

"will you stay with me tonight" i said shyly and he chuckled

"yeah" he said and i moved over and he got into my bed. I grabbed his arm and held on to it tight , keeping it clung to my chest. I left space between our bodies.

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