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Hey guys thank you for all the support on this story I really appreciate it and sorry for the mistakes this was the first story I had written. Now I'm writing a story called Your Protector it's a completely different feel than this story but it's still a Jacob black fan fiction. I'm really excited about it so check it out and let me know what you think I'm gonna drop the discretion below but a fair warning it is mature early in not like first but more like 3rd. You are able to skip the part that's Mature because I let you know when it's mature and when it's over so read below

Rose Allen is sent to live with her uncle Charlie and Cousin Bella by her Nana to learn more about the Quileute people. Her Nana knows Rose is special but hasn't told her , once she arrives to Forks she meets Jacob black and they quickly become more than friends. They're not sure what makes Rose different but they know she is and refuses to touch the situation hoping it will just stop. When Jacob phases Rose's whole life is turned upside down and scattered around when she learns secrets about herself and figures out her destiny. Will the pack accept her? will she be Jacob's imprint? will she accept what she is and her destiny? Or will something tear them apart?

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