Chapter 16

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These last few weeks have been the same over and over again. waking up , going to patrol , then training , and then coming home and arguing with my lovely mother. We get a break from training since the fight is tomorrow they want us to rest up , but im a little nervous about the fight and i hate i wont be there to help , i feel so useless.

"you are not useless" Jacob thought as we patrolled together. Paul had to take care of something with his dad so Jake filled his spot.

"well i feel like that because im not even helping" i thought back

"you are helping , its going to keep my head a lot more clear" Jacob thought. I didn't say anything back because he is kinda right. The sun started coming up telling me my shift was over.

"are you going home or coming to my house" I asked

"i'll be over later , i have to take Billy's to Charlie's" he thought

"ok see you then love you" I said licking him and trotting away. Once i got to my cloths i phased and quickly put them on. I had flannel pajama pants and a black tank top. My shift is early like always so i don't dress up for it. I walked into the house and seen my mom was already dress and my aunt sue looked uncomfortable. Aunt Sue looked at me with pity and my mom looked at me with annoyance. Aunt sue glanced at something behind me , i looked over my shoulder to see my suit cases , i felt my facial express change from calm to confused and annoyed.

"whats going on" i asked in a low voice. I got a sickly sweet smell hit me like a soccer ball in the face. Play soccer with Jared and you'll learn what that feels like.

"your leaving with me , we are going to Italy" i barely heard my mom as the smell got stronger. I was about to run out of the door when a leech with blood red eyes walked in. A growl left my throat , it was louder than i intended.

"Selena stop , this is my boyfriend Lance" My mom said with a smile and started to walk over to him. I jerked her back and kept her behind me.

"your not dating a leech" i growled

"speak for yourself mutt" he snapped

"hey don't call each other names , and what are you doing tomorrow again" my mom asked him. Tomorrow like the day of the war?

"i have to go take care of something with some friends" He said as she walked over to him. He smelled her neck and i ripped her away.

"or are you going to the fight , mom look at him he drinks blood" i snapped

"only animal blood like the Cullin's" she protested. I looked at her like she was stupid

"LOOK AT HIS EYES THERE BLOOD RED , AS IN HE DRINKS  BLOOD" I yelled and Seth ran down the stairs with Leach close behind. They growled as he grabbed my suit case and walked out of the house. We ran outside and dipped in the woods , we quickly stripped and phased. Seth was the first one out , he ran at the leech and jumped in the air at his face. Lance punched him making him fly back. Me and Leah charged out , i grabbed his ankle as my mom yelled and cried , if only she knew i was saving her life. Leah tore his head off and phased back setting him on fire. Me and Seth when in the woods and phased back and got dressed i brung Leah her cloths and she quickly put them on. My mom was shoving my bags in the car crying.

"Why Selena , you cant stand to see me happy can you" my mom snapped

"he was going to suck you dry and get my stuff out of the car" i snapped she grabbed me and struggled with me to get in the car. Leah and Seth took off in Jacobs direction , hopefully they get to him in time. I yelled and cussed as my mom tried pushing me in the car. I started shaking badly.

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