Chapter 7

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I woke up to something moving around on the bed. I groaned and opened my eyes to see Jacob getting out of bed. I groaned and grabbed his hand trying to pull him back down.

"go back to sleep baby" He whispered

"where are you going" I muttered not letting go of him

"i have to met the pack and get ready" he whispered sitting next to me on the bed. I wrapped my arms around his torso and laid my head on his stomach.

"but its still dark" I said with my eyes closed

"yeah I know but you know how it is" he said playing with my hair

"i don't want you to go and fight" I mumbled almost sleep again

"i'll be fine and so will everyone else don't worry" he whispered. I didn't reply and he tried to easily get out of bed. Once he slipped out I moaned and got up too.

"go back to sleep you got in only 2 hours ago" Jake said trying to make me go back to bed

"no I want to stay up with you" I whined wrapping my arms around his waist

"i want you to get your sleep" he said

"i did" I said kissing his chest. he sighed and mumbled a fine and hugged me.

"i need a shower" we both mumbled at the same time. we looked at each other and laughed.

"you can go first and i'll go cook breakfast" i said and pulled away from him but he pulled me right back in.

"we could just shower together" he suggested

"Jacob im not ready for that ste----" he cut me off laughing

"no just a shower we don't have to do anything" he said i though about it for a minute.

"alright lets go" i giggled and we walked into my bathroom. he shut the door and i turned on the water and got it to the perfect tempter for me.

"is this to hot or cold for you" i asked him he came and felt the water

"its fine" he said and i turned on the shower. I blushed a little and slowly took off my shirt and cover my chest with my arms.

"if your uncomfortable we don't have to take a shower together" he said

"im just shy" i whispered looking down

"don't be your sexy" He said making me blush and we finished getting undressed at first i felt awkward and uncomfortable. He just stared at my body and licked his lips which made me blush harder. i got in the shower and broke his gaze , he got in the shower after me and hugged me from behind. I felt awkward with our naked bodies pressed against each other.

"your so gorgeous" he mumbled into my ear i turned and looked at him.

"well you incredibly sexy and your all mine" i said and pressed my lips against his. once i pulled away we finished and did what we had to do and got out. I felt comfortable after i kissed him and it wasn't awkward anymore. it felt really natural. i dried off and wrapped a towel around me and Jake had his towel loosely hanging from his waist. god i love him. Wait did i just say the L word... oh no nothing good ever happens after that word slips out. He's just so gorgeous every aspect of him is perfect. His eyes, his laugh, his body, his personality , his laugh , his toned abs , how caring and protective he is.

"what are you looking at weirdo" he chuckled and then i realized i was staring for a long time

"um... the mirror i just noticed how dirty it is" i tried to lie and hid my blush

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