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Bella and Aro Voltori love story by werewolflover12
Bella and Aro Voltori love storyby werewolflover12
When bella comes home from saving Edward she starts to feel a painful pull towards the voltori what will she do and how will Edward take it??? Or will her heart be forev...
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My 3 mates by werewolflover12
My 3 matesby werewolflover12
When bella met the voltori kings she fell in love with them. what will happen? What will the Cullen's think? Will she have an enemy? Who will try to harm them and take e...
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Twilight/TVDfanfic: A Thousand Years apart by AlieAlejandra
Twilight/TVDfanfic: A Thousand Yea...by MonkeyDLuffy
You should all know how Twilight goes where Bella falls in love with a cold one and in the end they are together. Well this is a whole different story where it involves...
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A Different Kind of Twilight [DISCONTINUED] by GayLostGirl20
A Different Kind of Twilight [DISC...by Maddie T
Bella is a Phoenix who moves to Forks at Aro's request to monitor the Cullen's. What happens when Bella finds her mate in a blonde ice queen. What happens when another b...
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Florence Holland •• Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn  by -VoidWanda
Florence Holland •• Twilight Saga:...by - ' _ M _ '-
"I'm strange enough as it is." "Well I like your strangeness." In which Carlisle Cullen and his family need help so they recruit the best vampire of...
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In the Voltori by mooseismahbae
In the Voltoriby mooseismahbae
When Edward leaves Bella changes a lot but by who and what will happen to her with the wolves so close what about Charlie and school? I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS STEPHAN...
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My Sweet Vladimir || COMPLETE  by Minhoismyhoe17
My Sweet Vladimir || COMPLETE by Minhoismyhoe17
Elizabeth Macey is a young maid that works for a rich man named Sebastian Tone the door bell rang so she went to answer it when she open's the door her life is changed...
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Bella's Secret (Twilight) by Bookwormoxox
Bella's Secret (Twilight)by Bookwormoxox
When Edward leaves Bella she goes to the voltori out of hatred towards the Cullen's, she becomes one of the most powerful vampires in existence. What happens when Bella...
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🏰 Bella's older sister by PrincessAlissahall
🏰 Bella's older sisterby Alissa Chanice Hall m.
Annabelle Elizabeth swan Bella's older sister. she lives in Italy with her three mate's. everyone believes she is human just like everyone believes Bella is human but th...
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The Addition (A Twilight Saga Romance) by TheWriter307
The Addition (A Twilight Saga Roma...by The writer
Ebony (Eh-buhn-nee) and her father Maurice moved to Forks, Washington in hopes of starting a "new life" after the death of beloved wife and mother Shanice. Mau...
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Princess Katherine Voltori Quileute by snowstorm20
Princess Katherine Voltori Quileuteby snowstorm20
Hi my name is Katherine Quileute I was born on January 21 Sometime in the 1300s B.C. one year after my father was turned into a vampire.
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The kings wolf by Twilight727
The kings wolfby Twilight727
Leah was left by her fiance for her cousin, her first love, her first kiss, her first time, left her for the person that was like a sister to her. Marcus had thought hi...
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A Myth (Demetri Voltori Love Story) by siriuslyalive
A Myth (Demetri Voltori Love Story)by siriuslyalive
She was supposed to be a myth, all of the vampires and wolves have heard stories of her existence but few truly know she exists. The Voltori know of her but they have no...
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Forgotten (Renesmee's Twin Sister) By Jade by JandJBooks
Forgotten (Renesmee's Twin Sister)...by Jen and Jade
Note there is going to be a change, instead of the love interest being Alec it is now Jane No one knows my name. No, I'm not asking for attention I mean no one knows my...
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a jasper hale love story or should I say whitlock by Georgiaraine26
a jasper hale love story or should...by Georgiaraine26
Edward had left bella the family followed without question. they left bella not thinking about Victoria but when Victoria comes for revenge will they come back? will sh...
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The Three ( Twilight Fanfic ) by Alaina_Infinity_
The Three ( Twilight Fanfic )by Alaina
You all heard about twilight and breaking dawn well instead of Bella only having one child she has two . Now also this is not a ordinary twin story if you read you will...
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If Edward never returned by WOLFLOVER-04
If Edward never returnedby Everett
What if Edward never returned and Bella went to the voltori only to discover she is powerful and becomes queen P.S. She has a child named renessmee or Nessie
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The Youngest Witch Sibling by KaitlynMcgary
The Youngest Witch Siblingby Vampire Girl
What happens when Aro finds out Alec and Jane had a little sister after he had turned the two twins? Will he find something special within her? Will she be turned like h...
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Bella's unexpected child  by Twilightandtvd
Bella's unexpected child by Twilightandtvd
Edward leaves Bella she finds out she is pregnant with two of edwards children. She goes to the vultori because she knows she will die giving birth. Bella turns into a...
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