Chapter 14

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i rolled over and shut the alarm off , i groaned and rolled out of bed. I looked on the bed and seen Bella asleep. She stayed the night? we must have fallen asleep , the bloodsuckers aren't going to let us live this down. I quietly walked into my bathroom and put my hair up in a twist bun and changed into sweats and a tank top. I threw on a pair of old shoes and walked down stairs and out of the door to see it raining cats and dogs. I jogged into the woods and stripped and phased.

"your not late" Paul said as soon as i phased

"yup meet me at the border" i thought and took off. Im hoping this goes smoothly with out any trouble because im to tired to take off chasing and fighting. I would do it if i had too but i really don't want to. I got to the boarder and waited for Paul. He came up behind me and i turned and faced him.

"what side are you taking" he asked

"south boarder , its pretty easy down there and im too tired , but howl or something if you need me" i said. I completely forgot about Bella being over when i fell asleep but she must have fallen asleep when i did.

"Bella stayed the night at your house" Paul asked hearing my thoughts

"yeah i woke up and she was in my bed next to me" i thought back

"what the hell why was she in your bed" Paul thought back as we took our boarders.

"its a girl thing , if a friend stays the night most of the time they'll sleep in your bed with you" i thought back and ignored him. Patrol was going pretty easy so far , hopefully it stays this way. I was trotting along the boarder that led to the Cullin's when i seen Edward and Jasmine. I growled at them telling them not to pass the boarder.

"i cant come to La push" Jasmine asked

"no you have to stay on the Cullin's side unless your with Embry'' i thought back to her she looked hurt but didn't say anything.

"do you know where Bella is" Edward asked

"my house asleep , don't worry shes safe" i thought back and he looked hesitant at first

"make sure she gets back safe please" He said and i shook my head and they took off to probably hunt or something even though it was pretty dark outside. The rest of my Patrol hours where uneventful. It was the same thing like every night , me and Paul bickering and just running the boarders and smelling around for bloodsuckers. The sun began to rise as my shift ended even though it was still raining. I when back to my cloths and phased back and quickly put them on even though they where soaked. I snuck back inside as quietly as i could. I slipped into my bedroom and grabbed a tank top and a pair of yoga shorts. I quickly changed and got back into bed. Patrolling from 3:30-7:30 is tiring and that's the longest shift. I quickly fell back into a peaceful sleep.


I woke up in Selena's room and seen she was still asleep. I got up and walked downstairs , she had patrol last night she might be hungry when she wakes up. I grabbed two packs of bacon and started cooking for everyone. Im sure two packs will be enough , and im really hungry. I didn't even mean to stay the night last night i just kinda fell asleep , i bet Charlie and Edward are freaking out. I started frying all the bacon and the aroma started filling the small house.

"something smells good" Selena said from behind me which made me jump. Sue walked in the room , she looked like she had just woken up too.

"i hope you don't mind i started cooking" I said and they waved it off and came over and helped. We laughed as we cooked and there was a knock on the door.

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