chapter 17

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I woke up to someone snoring and the sun shinning in my eyes. Gosh its been forever since i got to sleep in , we aren't having patrols today because  the fight. My head was resting on Jacobs chest  , his arm was around my waist protectively , everything felt perfect. I leaned up and kissed his perfect jaw line and started to unwrap myself from his arms.

"No" He groaned pulling me closer

"i need to take a shower baby" i whispered and he looked at me for a minute.

"i'll let you up if i can join you in the shower" he smirked

"ok fine wake up" i said setting up and noticed i was only in a bra and underwear. How did this happen? i fell asleep on the couch last night I turned to see him with his behind his head just watching me.

"how did this happen" i gestured towards what i was wearing

"well you looked so uncomfortable in your cloths i though i would help out a bit" he smirked at me , the covers stopped at his boxer line and the sun was shining on his muscles and he just looked so sexy.

"im sure my sweats looked uncomfortable" i giggled and grabbed a white tank top that says 'don't play with someone who can play even better' and a pair of black leggings. I grabbed underclothes and walked into the bathroom and turned on the water. I heard the door open and close , two arms wrapped around me and a pair of warm lips connected with my neck.

"lets take a bath instead" he whispered and his lips brush my neck.

"Baths are nasty though , you sit in your own dirt" i said pulling away to get undressed but i was struggling with my bra.

"here let me help" Jake laughed and undid my bra for me.

"thanks" i giggled and finished undressing and so did Jake. we got in the shower and did what we had to do , every now and then he would grab my butt and i would jump. we got out and dried off and got dress. I grabbed Rebecca's old blow dyer and blow dried my hair and put it in a side braid , and i did my make up. I felt arms wrap around me and i looked up in the mirror to see Jacob resting his chin on my shoulder.

"so i was thinking we should get a house together" Jake said swaying us back and forth

"with what money" i said looking at him like he was stupid.

"Well , i can work at Sam's car garage" he brightened up at the idea

"and where am i suppose to get a job at" i raised an eyebrow and finished my make up.

"you wont work ever" He said with a big smile

"if Sam hires you and you can find a house , ill move in with you but until then you need to go" i said kissing him passionately. He returned the kiss a little rougher and held me by my butt , the sparks flew and the butterflies fluttered in my stomach. Im worried even more now , i cant live with out him. He pulled away and it took everything i had not to pull him right back in.

"come on lets get you home so i can meet the pack" He whispered and grabbed my hand and we walked back into his bedroom and i put on my shoes and he did the same. I jumped up and got on his back. He grabbed my thighs to support me and laughed.

"i love you" i said I said kissing his cheek

"i love you more" He laughed walking outside.

"IT HURTS'' i yelled and then hid my face in the crook of his neck and he laughed. He sat me down laughing when we got to his bike. He got on and started it , i got on after him and he drove to my house. He pulled up into the drive way and turned the bike off , i got off and then he did , he pulled me into a hug. I wanted to cry this actually felt like a goodbye. He leaned down and kissed me , this kiss was different than all other ones , all the love and passion was there , but it felt like this would be our last kiss. A howl came from the woods and we pulled away.

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