Chapter 8

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"shut the hell up Paul im to tired to deal with you" i growled the though

"awh! is 3:30 to early for Beta's little girl" he teased

"shut up and do what Sam said and take the north boarder" i snapped

"but i rather fuck with you" Paul though. I cant wait to get this over with and go back to Jake's house for an hour and then come patrol again , that will be the last time i don't listen to Sam.

"someones worried about Jakey poo" Paul thought. I turned and growled at him and then started going back to work.

"touchy so what do you want to talk about" Paul asked. I rolled my eyes the best i could in wolf form. I smelled something but it wasn't a leech.

"what's that smell" i asked

"another werewolf stay behind me i don't want to hear Jake bitch if you get hurt or get into a fight" Paul growled and passed me. I stayed close behind and we ran after the sent. We came upon a wolf that was as big as Sam , but was a light black mixed with grey and some white on its face. It began to growl and show its teeth at us. Paul of course fired right back getting in front of me more. I howled for the rest of the pack to come and another wolf jumped on my back. We began to fight. Fur was flying everywhere it got my shoulder pretty good but i snapped at its throat and missed. I bit its paw and flipped it and bit its throat animal instinct can't help it. This wolf was a lot stronger than me and flipped me back on my back i tried to kick it off but i couldn't. I heard Paul fighting the other one. A smaller wolf jumped out and leaped on to the wolf that was on top of me and they when flying in another direction. Damn it got my shoulder good bloods staining my white fur. I quickly jumped up to see Seth fighting the other wolf and he was winning. I seen Paul struggling a little and jumped on to the other wolf. it plunged its teeth into my wound making me yelp Paul quickly got the other wolf off me. I heard the familiar growls and barks of my Alpha telling us to stop. Me and Seth slowly stopped but Paul continued obviously pissed off at this other wolf. Seth came over and licked my shoulder as i whined.  


"NO" me and Paul yelled. Paul stopped but was ready to attack again i took my stance next to Paul ready to fight again. We eyed each other for a minute.

"no matter how annoying you are your still my brother you fight i fight" i though to him

"your shoulder" he growled

"don't worry about it" i though back

"you guys phase they can't hear us" Sam ordered. We when in the woods and phased i put on my pajama pants and my tank top and came out to see the guys with sweats on.

"Really you where to lazy to change out of Jakes pajama pants" Paul teased

"Shut up it took me forever to find theses in the dark" i snapped

"ENOUGH... Phase back into your human form so we can talk" Sam ordered us and the others. They took off in the woods and a big guy a little bit smaller than Jake and a girl about Leah's size came out.

"I fought a girl" Seth said and his jaw dropped

"Shut up Seth and who are you guys" Sam asked with his arms crossed i stayed ready to phase at anytime incase they want to act up. Paul sensed it and smirked at me.

"you need to hangout with me more im starting to rub off on you" he whispered but Sam still heard and glared at us and i pointed at Paul.

"im Taylor and this is my pack sister Courtney" Taylor said

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