Chapter 12

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3 days later

We have been living with the Cullin's these last few days because Jasmine still hasn't woke up. Embry keeps trying to comfort Melissa but she acts scared of all of us. We figured out why Keith phased , he didn't know how to handle his sisters death and he hates the Cullin's. I blame Jacob , Paul , and Jared for that , but he was mad we had to stay here with them and they turned her , he couldn't control his emotions so he phased , and being in a house full of leech's didn't help. Cousin Melissa walked downstairs , she looked bad she had bags under her eyes , her hair was a mess and she looks like she hasn't slept and all she has done is cry.

"anything new" i asked sitting down on the couch , me and Paul just got back from patrol with Keith where still trying to teach him. we let him go by himself and he got lost so we had to go get him.

"no shes cold and Pale now" Melissa said

"but her features hasn't enhanced" Carlisle said. What if they did get to her to late and shes dead?

"well maybe its time we make funeral plans" i suggested , its hard to admit but i think shes gone.

"What did you just say" Embry growled coming from downstairs.

"Maybe its time to start thinking like shes gone , Carlisle said she doesn't have a heart beat anymore and not all the effects of the venom has took so made it was to late" i said sadly and looked at Embry with pity from how he was looking at me , you would think he was going to attack me and Jacobs on patrol right now so im screwed if he did. He started shaking and growling. Me and Paul drug him outside.

"Shes not dead Selena Carlisle said that the venom makes your heart beat stop" He growled

"its hard for me to but we need to look at it that way and if she wakes up in-between then we should be happy" i said and he phased at the end of my words and lunged at me. I threw him and phased. We started fighting our fur was flying every where. Embry threw me a good 12 feet into a big ass rock that broke as i hit it. I got up growling pissed off now and lunged on his back making him fall we continued to bite at each other.

"STOP THEM" Melissa yelled

"just let them fight it out come inside , before Jake comes and kills Embry" Seth said and lead her inside as we continued to fight. Embry scratched my back leaving bleeding gashes that made me howl in pain.


Im still in shock that there's werewolves and vampires and honestly it scares me to think my kids are each. I heard fighting outside so i walked out to see Selena in wolf form fighting another one , i think it was Jared because he wasn't inside. the fight looked bad and made me panic Seth and Paul where outside making bets about the fight.

"STOP THEM" i yelled as Selena jumped on Jared's back.

"just let them fight it out come inside , before Jake comes and kills Embry" Seth said leading me inside. I heard a howl of pain and then big booms that made me cringe.

"give you 20 bucks Jake kills Embry" Seth said

"no Selena started that saying Jasmines dead" Paul said and we heard a loud yelp and a bark the boys looked out the window and i jumped to see passed them. I seen the wolf laying on the ground and Selena barking at it. It jumped up and bit her muzzle and they started rolling.

"ok now its getting bad we should break it up" Seth said

"nah , Selena can defend herself and i want to see Embry get his ass beat" Paul said and the pixie like vampire had a weird look on her face.

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