Chapter 5

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I woke in my bed and I have know idea how I got there. I heard Matt and Jasmine talking in the hall way.

"Why do you think she ran out crying lastnight" Matt asked

"um...I don't know" Jasmine said nervously. Nice way to play it cool.

"She's been acting weird especially around Seth , Leah , and those other boys" he said to her

"Its all in your head" Jasmine said

"Guess who's home" I heard Seth shout and walk into my room.

"Chris Brown" I guessed laughing.

"no your wonderful best friend" he said pulling me out of bed.

"ok wonderful best friend let me get ready and then i'll come downstairs , by the way we when and watched a movie about werewolves and vampires fighting and I had a melt down and ran out crying and Matts prying Jasmine for information so make sure that doesn't get brought up again" I said walking into my closet while he stood outside the open door.

"Emily said don't forget to wear your outfit or she'll have Sam go all wolf on you" He said and we started laughing.

"what do you mean go all wolf" Cousin Melissa asked walking in we tensed up at her questioned and we started stuttering at the same time.

"like ph----" me and Embry cut him off. When did Embry get here?

"SETH SHUT UP" we yelled and I ran into my bathroom and got ready to take a shower. How stupid can he be? Like phase into a wolf , no Sam would have killed him. I got in the shower and let the warm water roll over my body.


Embry glared at me as I whimpered. He moved to the side and I walked out of the room. That came so close to slipping out Sam would have killed me. I walked downstairs with the others following behind me. Jasmine jumped up and hid her face and ran upstairs when she seen Embry. I laughed at her and took her seat.

"Seth you are best friends with Selena right?" matt questioned

"yup her bestest"  I said and Embry laughed

"After Jake" Embry said and I rolled my eyes and took Matt's bacon. He tried to take it back but I growled by accident. Normally I do that to Paul when he try's to take his food from me. He pulled his hand away and looked at me funny while Embry smacked me in the back of the head.

"well we when and watched a movie about a vampire and werewolf war and when one of the werewolves died she ran out crying , do you know why she done that" He asked as Paul sat down eating my food while I smacked his head away.

"who won" Paul asked

"the Vampires obviously , how are werewolves going to beat vampires that have mind powers" Matt scoffed. Me , Embry and Paul laughed at him if only he new. Selena walked in laughing at Matt. She had on the black wolf shirt with the white skinny jeans , her timberlands , and the wolf necklace Jake made for her. Her hair was slightly curled at the tips.

"that movie was stupid" She mumbled sitting in-between me and Paul taking Bacon off Pauls plate and he growled at her

"shush your fine" She said

"how do you know it was stupid you watched the first 20 minutes and then ran out crying , why did you cry though" Matt asked her checks burn red from embarrassment.

"Vampires cant beat werewolves , there strong , big , and fast and don't worry about why I was crying its personal" She said and hid her face in Paul's shoulder. Sam came into the house and looked around and smiled at Selena's shirt. Jasmine walked down stairs and when straight to Embry which laughed at her shirt because how true it is.

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