Chapter 22

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a month later

"Jacob what's going on" i asked as he blind folded me and lead to his car. He actually got a job and he works two days a week and brings home $600 a week. He's always trying to buy me stuff but i wont let him and he gets so mad. The last month has been uneventful and boring.

"Just trust me" He said and i could hear the smile in his tone. We got into the car and he started driving. I groaned and he chuckled. I wonder where he's taking me , and what he has planned. he turned on the radio and i sat there and listened to him sing along. After about a good half hour we came to a stop and i heard gravel and smelled the pack.

"the packs here" i stated and he laughed

"Stupid werewolf smell" He chuckled and helped me out. He barked telling the pack we where here and i heard them run outside and a door slam shut.

"really you blind folded her , it looks like you kidnapped her" Leah laughed and Jacob growled

"can we hurry up" i asked and they laugh. Jacob moved me to stand in a certain spot , i swear if something falls on me i will tear them to pieces.

"ready" He whispered in my ear

"I was ready as soon as you showed me the blind fold" i said and they laughed. Jacob took off the blind fold to relive a huge house with a lot of windows and like three balcony's.  I gasped and cover my mouth , the pack , my mom , and aunt sue looked at me with a smile.

"your already moved in" Aunt Sue said with a smile. Last night i stayed over at Bella's house despite all the pleads Jacob said. I looked at Jacob and kissed him quickly and pulled away and ran to the door. I walked in and seen a beautiful Maribel stair case and a table with a bowl of keys in it. No doubt the packs i walked into the living and seen beautiful dark oak furniture and a white leather couch , love seat , and chair. The couch was huge no pack member would ever have to sit on the floor. I looked at the pictures on the walls and seen they where mainly of the pack , me , and Jacob. But one caught my attention it was of me and my uncle that passed away. I smiled at it and walked into the kitchen. It was huge and Maribel. Maribel is my favorite in a house and it looks like Jacob remember. I finished looking around to discover there are 3 floors to this house. I walked downstairs and kissed Jacob passionately i'll thank him the right way later tonight. I pulled and smiled at him.

"thank you" I said

"your welcome" he said with a smiled and i plopped down next to him.

"this place is nice" Paul stated and i agreed with him.


I'm glad she likes it , i was worried she wouldn't like it at all. That she would think it was to much and we own this home i bought it.

"did you look out back" i asked her

"no come with me" She said and we walked out back. Her eye's grew wide as she stared out at a pond and a hug set of woods that gave us privacy.

"Jacob i love it" She squealed and hugged me tightly and i hugged back. This is perfect. I had a perfect house , perfect girlfriend , a semi perfect pack. I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hey guys im sorry its so short but i cant think of anything there only going to be one more chapter. Go check out my Seth Clearwater fan fiction 

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