Chapter 3

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"WAKE UP WHERE GOING SWIMMING" Seth yelled jumping up and down on my bed. I groaned and rolled over.

"wake up or im going to pour water on you" he threated

"if you do that you signed your death certificate" i said and plopped down on the bed

"Jake's going to be there" he teased

"out" i ordered i heard someone talking downstairs.

"shut the door on your way out everyone's loud" i mumbled going back to sleep. I heard my door shut and i fell back to sleep.

"Selena wake up where all going to the beach" i familiar voice said but it wasn't Seth's

"get out" i said

"awh! i just got comfortable" they chuckled i rolled over and met Jake's gaze.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" I screamed and fell out of my bed he laughed laying on top of the bed. Seth ran inside.

"where's Selena" he asked

"Both of you get out" i said pointing at the door standing up. Seth started laughing at me.

"Sel your hair is a mess" Seth laughed

"GET OUT" i yelled pushing him out and shutting the door.

"this is why i never wanted to move here" i mumbled to myself. I turned to see Jacob laying on my bed taking selfies on my phone.

"GET OUT" i yelled opening the door to see the whole pack standing there listening in. I threw my arms in the air.

"forget it come in just don't break anything" i sighed walking into my closet. I started to grabbed a white strapless binki when i felt arms wrap around me.

"Get out Jacob" i said

"how did you know" he laughed

"well know one else would be in my closet which is a do not touch place and no one else would be touching me" i said turning to look at him

"so what if i started touching all your stuff then" He smirked knocking over a pair of heels.

"GET OUT AND STAY OUT'' i yelled pushing him into the pack which was trying to listen in there the door.

"get a life" i mumbled and shut the door and locking it this time. Im not normally a morning person and then i woke up to Seth jumping on my bed. I quickly put on the binki and started looking for my jean shorts that looks like it has bleach spots on them. I sighed when i remembered that they where in my lower dresser draw. Im not walking out in front of them with just a binki on , not yet at least. I unlocked the door and cracked it.

"Seth" i called out a little embarrassed

"hold up moms yelling for me" He said and i heard a door shut.

"Jake?" i more less asked

"right here" he said

"will you do me the biggest favor in the whole wide world" i asked and heard snickers from everyone else , i rolled my eyes and flipped them off.

"yeah what do you need" he said closer to the door

"get in the dresser in the bottom right draw there is a pair of jean short with bleach spots on them will you grab them and hand them to me" i asked

"yeah hold on" he said and i shut and locked the door again. I heard the door open and close.

"your in her cloths she's going to be so mad that's her number one rule don't touch her cloth" Leah gasped

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