Chapter 15

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"GET UP , WE HAVE TRAINING" Seth yelled and ice cold water fell on top of me. I shot up and seen i was covered in water and Seth was standing there laughing with a bucket in his hands.

"IM GOING TO KILL YOU" i screamed jumping up. His face fell , and he threw the bucket at me and started to run. I chased him down the stairs. He was laughing as he ran.

"Seth you better hope i don't catch you" i threatened coming off the bottom step. He ran into the living room and i was about to grab him when an arm snaked around me and stopped me from running.

"why are you wet" Jake asked laughing

"get off i have to kill Seth" i muttered trying to get free.

"why what happened" He asked getting a tighter grip on me.

"he poured water on me to wake me up" i said fighting him.

"you should of seen her face" Seth laughed coping my facial expression from when i woke up. Jacob laughed and i crossed my arms and pouted.

"you guys go get ready , and i want Seth in one piece when your done" Jacob said letting me go i mumbled all the way up the stairs while Seth followed laughing. I walked in my room and slammed the door. I walked in the closet and looked around. Im going to be in wolf form most of the day. I grabbed a pair of shorts and a tank top, I took a quick shower and changed. I did my make up and blow dried my hair. I heard barks come from downstairs , so the packs here. I rolled my eyes and put on a pair of vans and walked downstairs.

"hey" i said as i walked in the room. The guys smirked at me and i looked at them confused

"so how was that ice bath" Jared snickered and the rest laughed. I rolled my eyes and flipped them off.

"ok guys come on before where late and i have to tell everyone something when we get there so phase back into human form when we get there" Jake said and we all shook our head and walked out. Jacob grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him. His warm lips crashed onto mine. I kissed back and ran my hands through his silk like hair. He pulled me closer if that was possible.

"lets keep it PG" Quil barked. We pulled away breathing hard , he rested his forehead on mine.

"i love you" he said breathing hard

"i love you too Jacob Black" i said with a smile. I pulled away and walked into the woods. I took off my cloths and tied them around my leg and phased. Jacob walked over next to me in wolf form he licked the side of my face and walked in front of us. we trotted behind him as we made our way to the clearing.

"Hopefully this time know one gets hurt" Sam thought

"cough cought Seth" i thought back

"Shut up" Seth growled

"im not in the mood for you guys to be arguing"  Jacob thought.  I started ignoring everyone , im kinda nervous and excided for this fight. We got to the clearing and i behind a tree and phased. I quickly got dressed and walked into clearing. The Cullin's where already there waiting for us. The rest of the pack came out and Jacob when in front of everyone.

"Selena and Keith will not be fighting in this fight , you guys have to come to training just in case some get past us" Jacob said. I was shocked but furious at the same time.

"NO IM FIGHTING" I yelled shaking

"Selena , this is the only way i can change the future , do you want Alice's vision to happen" He asked with a soft expression. I looked at him for a minute and let my shoulders fall and i stopped shaking.

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