chapter 21

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3 weeks later

"SELENA WAKE UP ITS OUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL" Seth yelled excitedly ripping the blanket off.

"Seth" i groaned reaching for the blanket. I don't need it anymore im just more comfortable with it.

"wake up" he complained and i slowly sat up and he smiled.

"get dressed and then come down" He said cheerfully and walked out of the room. I love Seth but his cheerfulness is so annoying sometimes. Like this morning , im not a morning person and he's already killing me. i grabbed me and Jacobs outfit and walked into the bathroom. I jumped in the shower and quickly did what i had to do. I jumped out and wrapped the towel lousy around my body , i blow dried my hair and then straightened it and did my usual make up and brushed my teeth. I quickly changed into the light washed skinny jeans , the black crop top with a white pocket and my tan timberlands. I looked in the mirror and thought i looked good so i walked downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and took a piece of bacon off Seth's plate and made my own.

"you nervous" Seth asked

"a little , but i have you guys" i said while i ate. After a couple minutes i finished and there was a car horn from outside.


"BYE AUNT SUE LOVE YOU" I yelled and walked out the door grabbing my shoulder bag and to be greeted by my amazing boyfriend. He was dress in his light washed jeans , his black shirt with a white pocket , and his timberlands. His hair was messed to perfection and he looked perfect as always.

"you look great" i said giving him a hug.

"not as great as you , i'll have to keep my eye on you all day" he laughed

"why" i asked giggling

"because i don't want other guys hitting on my girl" He smiled and leaned down to kiss me. Our lips met and a warm comforting feeling. He pulled away and rested his forehead against mine and looked into my eyes.

"COME ON YOU GUYS CAN MAKE PUPS LATER" Jared yelled and i blushed and looked down. Jake chuckled and threw his arm around me and lead me to the car. I threw my bag into the trunk and climbed it the back.

"move over Paul" i complained trying to fit in my spot.

"your butts to big to fit there" Jared complained pushing me away.

"don't look at her butt" Jake playfully growled pulling out.

"forget it Paul move your hands" i ordered and sat on his lap and leaning against the window with my arms crossed. He rest his hands on my legs and laughed as i got more comfortable , Jake glanced back and shook his head laughing. The ride was short and uneventful , just the normal teasing and annoying things. Once we got to the school and Jake parked Quil got out and moved the seat for us , Paul pretty much pushed me out , i turned and growled at him but he just laughed. Quil got my bag out laughing and i snatched it from him and when to Jake. He put his arm around my waist and i noticed everyone was staring at me and whispering. I looked down and cover my face with my hair , we walked into the office and i got my schedule and a map of the school. The guys took it and passed it around to see if i had any classes with them.

English. Mrs. G (Paul)

history Mr. Horn (Paul and Quil)

gym couch p (all of them)

Math Mr. D (Embry , Quil , and Paul)

Health Mrs. Katie ( Jake and Jared)

Free block (Paul and Jake)

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