Chapter 2

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i woke up to the sun in my eyes. I rolled over and grabbed my phone and looked at the time 9:30 am. I got out of bed and grabbed a pair of Nike shorts , a Nike sports bra , and my running shoes i quickly changed and redid my bun. I grabbed my earbubs and arm band phone case. I walked out of my room putting it on to find Aunt sue on the couch.

"im going for a jog i'll be back later" i said and walked out and started jogging down the road. La push is beautiful but it rains to much. Nothing on me by Toni Romti started playing. I hummed along until i bumped into someone causing us both to fall.

"im sorry i wasn't paying attention" i said looking at the girl. She was beautiful she had long brown hair , big brown eyes , she was thin but not to thin to where she looked bad.

"its fine" She said and we got up i looked around and noticed i was in front of Jakes house.

"JACOB YOU HAVE VISITERS" I heard Billy yell.

"HEY BILLY" i yelled

"so you new to La push" the girl asked

"yeah i just moved back here" i said as Jake came outside. His eyes when straight to me and he smile and jogged over to us.

"hey Selena" he said looking into my eyes.

"Jacob we need to talk" the girl snapped at him , she must be his girlfriend.

"We have nothing to talk about" Jacob snapped back.

"Really because i think different now get in the truck" the girl snapped

"remember what i told you yesterday i don't want you here... LEAVE NOW" Jake yelled the last part and started shaking. i touched his back and he stopped shaking and looked at me with loving eyes.

"Calm down your kinda scaring me" i mumbled

"don't be scared of me please" He pretty such begged. I shook my head as Sam and Paul walked up and looked at what was going on.

"Jake im not leaving till we talk" The girl snapped at him. He didn't seem like he was listening he was just staring at me smiling i giggled.

"why are you always around" Paul sighed

"you guys are mean , she seems nice , im Selena and you are" I asked with a smile

"Bella" She said and i left the earth crack under me. She's gorgeous he would never want me.

"im going to go finish my jog" i mumbled and started to walk away.

"wait are you ok" Jake asked grabbing my wrist

"prefect" i mumbled and jogged away. I jogged down the road when i heard wheels squeal to a stop. I seen a truck skid to a stop in front of me.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" i screame truck stopped an inch in front of me. I was way to scared to move i stood still and just looked at it.

"Are you ok" a guys asked getting out. The same wolf from yesterday jumped in between of me and the guy. The guy had his head shaved and he looked like he was in his 20s. The wolf started growling at him.

"walk slowly to your truck" i whispered froze in fear this wolf is going to kill me. He got in his truck and back away from me. The wolf turned to me and whined then licked my face and took off into the woods. I let out a breath i didn't know i was holding. The guy got out of his truck and i took off running to Jacobs house.

"WAIT ARE YOU OK" The guy yelled i kept running until i seen Jacob.

"JAKE" i screamed running towards him even faster.

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