Chapter 4

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"sissy wake up im hungry" Keith whispered shaking me awake.

"go lay down" I groaned

"shh! your going to wake them up" he scolded in a whisper. Them? who the hell is in here besides us and Selena? I raised up and seen Jacob asleep with his arm around Selena protectively. They are really cute together I wish me and Nathaniel was like that but you know.

"COME ON LOVE BIRDS GET UP" Jared yelled coming in the room. Selena and Jacob groaned.

"JARED" Keith yelled running up to him

"hey bub" Jared said

"get out Jared" Jacob groaned I heard barks come from the hallway. weird.

"come on get up we have a meeting with the Cullins" Jared said throwing a pillow at them. Selena suddenly raised up and looked at him for a minute and he started laughing at her.

"you need to tame that mess on your head" Jared laughed at her

"did you say the Cullins? as in Bella's Cullins" she asked

"yeah now get up" he said Selena got up and when into the bathroom.

"damn why did you tell her that" Jacob moaned getting out of bed and going to the door and knocking.

"why didn't you tell me" she said threw the door

"He didn't know till now chill out Se se" Jared said laughing. Who's Bella and why is Selena so mad about it.

"im still hungry" Keith whined

"Tell Paul to give you my food" Jared said

"what is it" he asked

"McDonalds" Jared said sitting on the bed as Keith walk out. We started talking about the weather which is stupid.

20 minutes later

Selena walked out of the bathroom with her hair straightened and make up on.

"you mad" Jacob asked doing his hair.

"not anymore , because you didn't know about the meeting" she said walking into her closet and shutting the door. I felt someone walk in and stand behind me.

"Where's Mrs. Black at" a voice asked I turned to see Embry.

"call your going to get hurt" Selena said walking out in a white long shirt , black leggings and black boots.

"Jasmine you should chill with Embry today when everyone gets back" Jared said and Embry smirked

"i don't think my boyfriend would like that" I said getting up.

"the one that cheats on you all the time or calls you name's who cares what he would like and plus I have plans with Kim today so you might well" Selena said walking down stairs with the rest of us. she does have a point and I feel like theres something special about Embry , like I need to be near him.

"Kim? What are you guys doing" Jared asked quickly

"we are going to go find us real men" Selena smirked and the color drained from Jacob and Jared's face. They stopped walking a starred at her.


These boys will believe anything I say. They are just standing there watching me walk away.

"im just playing boys" I laughed and turned the corner walking into the kitchen stealing one of Keith's and Seth's fries. Paul and Quil covered theres.

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