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Love the photo
Me and Eungsoo are on haters duty

How's it going?

She hasn't curse yet so I would say it's ok

I love you guys

We're awesome I know

Girl we have your back
Even my mom is answering to your haters

And she's really mean

Mother in law giving you problems?

She asked him who's prettier
Me or her

What?! I love your mom

What should I answer?
I said both and her dad glared at me

It was so funny

But what do you think?
It's safe for me and Mark leave home?

Although the time you've been spending home with him it's good 😏

Didn't want to think of that
If you need a bodyguard I can call Johnny

No need to

Encouraged by the positive shift in fan reactions following Mark's ultimatum, he and Sooa decided it was time to face the company and the public together.

As they approached the company building, a small group of fans had gathered at the entrance.

"I guess not everyone is happy" Sooa said "wanna enter by the parking lot?"

"Nope" Mark smiled and asked the driver to stop the car " we're gonna face them together and showed them that we don't care about them. My manager called, he was pissed about the ultimatum BUT it worked, the hate turn down"

"That means I don't need to go to YG" she leaned to his side and held his hand " I love Mark Lee"

"Wow thanks mom for calling me Mark Lee" he said making both laugh

They both get out of the car , Mark and Sooa held hands, united and with smiles on their faces.

The fans, initially hesitant, witnessed the couple's determination and mutual support.

The couple, exchanging a reassuring glance, walked past the fans, acknowledging their presence without allowing it to overshadow their purpose.

As they were passing the entrance, Mark squeeze her hand and whispered at her ear "Let's focus on what's important. We've got each other, and that's what matters."

As Mark and Sooa entered the building, a sense of relief washed over them.

"If a new a ultimatum would work so well I would do that so much sooner" Mark said with a playful grin

Sooa started laughing "Who would've guessed it?where do you get the idea?"

"You know I don't love drama but I thought it may work"

"Oh, don't act like you're not secretly enjoying the drama. It's like we're in a K-drama plot." She smiled

"True, true. Our lives have become quite the storyline. I hope we get a happy ending."

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