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In the aftermath of the paint incident, Mark rushed to the company to pick up Sooa, his concern evident for everyone to see.

He left the photo shoot immediately leaving his manager stunned.

"Babe!" He called her out the moment he saw her "are you ok?"

"Winter helped me" she smiled to the girl who waited with her until Mark came up

"Thank you" Mark said "I own you one"

"Don't worry, just be quick to deal with this"

"Tomorrow I'll bring you the clothes" Sooa said but Winter just smiled and leave them alone

"I'm so mad" he hugged her "I'm so sorry" he whispered at her ear

"You weren't the one who splash paint all over me. Don't blame yourself for what happened..."

"They're doing this because of me" he looked down angry at himself for letting this happen.

"Come home with me... can you do that?" She asked him

"Of course I can" he kissed her forehead and they went home

127 🏡

I texted Kun
We're ready to beat some bitches up

Taeil called me
Are you ok?
I'm so angry right now

They're sick

My poor baby

Do you have names?
Or faces?
Any information?

I'm fine
Just still a little green

We can all get our hairs green
To support you

I think I can work with that

Hmm not sure about it

Did the photoshoot went well?

He did take photos of you
Don't worry
We'll make it work

I'm sorry to disturb your job

Please, they had to grab me or else I would go running to you too

Mark gotta her
Leave her to rest

Mark's presence offered a comforting feeling  amidst the chaos that had happened.

As they entered her home, Sooa felt she could breathe again.

"I wanna take a shower, I still smell the paint and I'm pretty sure I'm still green"

"You're rocking the black-greenish hair" Mark smiled and kissed her "go, I'll make you some food"

"Don't burn my kitchen" she said before leaving him alone

After she left the bathroom, she came to the kitchen just to find Mark waiting for her.

"Tomorrow we'll need to talk with the company. You need security" he said and she knew he was being dead serious

"Right now, I just wanna go to bed, cuddling with you and just sleep it off"

"You're the boss" he said lifting her up and taking her to bed

The next day the couple had a meeting scheduled with the company's CEO.

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