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Scooter boy 🛴 ☠️ 💚

Good morning


Like do you wanna hang out today?

For our date?

It's weird

We should call it a meeting between two persons who like each other

Too long

That's why smart people call it a date

But date puts pressure on me

Of what?
Dude we kissed yesterday
I think the feelings are clear

But it's our first date!

So make it good 😘

That's why I'm nervous about
What did you do in your other dates?

Coffee dates

Never been on a date
Been an idol is hard to date

But we know each other
It should be simpler

It's harder
And I have a question


Can we go on a date like at night?


It might be cold or dark

I have a jacket to keep me warm
Or even you

I'll bring a extra jacket for you then

That was exactly my thought

Shut up
This is new to me

Me too

No it isn't

It is, I never got close to an idol
The last boy I had a date was an accounting

You with him?
It would never work

It didn't
But I got someone to do my taxes

What he still does that?

Calm down
He's married now
And I pay him

He's married? How old is he?

Your age
He said it was love at first sight

That's crazy
I need to work, Jaemin is calling me
See you later?

See you

Sooa went to have lunch with Iseul at YG, at first it was supposed to be Dongsun but he had a meeting and asked Sooa if she could go for him because he didn't want Iseul to eat alone.

The thing is when Sooa appeared, Iseul was not alone. She was having lunch with Lisa.

Sooa almost fainted but she got trough the lunch in one piece.

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