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This few last weeks, Sooa as been working alongside with NCT127 on their track and getting to know each other while doing it.

Sooa already considers them as friends, all the studio lunches and all the hugs Haechan gives her.

NCT127 was on tour right now so all the work with Sooa was on standby as they are focus and tired of all the concerts.



Missing you

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Missing you

Flirty as always
But I kinda missed you all too
I even said your name three times
Didn't work

Awww she misses us

She's so cute

I'm not cute

She likes to think of herself hot

I am

You're cute

And talented

And in urgent need to meet Eungsoo

Yes please!
I wanna meet her
Why she doesn't come to the company?

Lately the entrance is full with fans

I know!
Me and Iseul are going on a shopping spree
She could join us
Give me her number

You're the best
That way she won't feel lonely

He's already missing her
They're so cute

Like me and Sooa

Of course 😂
Lucky me
Actually I have a surprise for you

Of course 😂 Lucky me Actually I have a surprise for you

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You dyed your hair!

It's only temporary
But yeah thought I needed a change

You look good

Haru dyed with me
He's been wearing hats all week

Please sent us photos

He'll kill me
But for you I'll try

When we're back, I'll be 100% to work on the song
We all are excited

Sooa leaned back at her chair as she finally finished her work for today. Checking her phone, she saw that Taeil had send Eungsoo number.


This is Sooa
Your man sent me your number

Which one?

Hmm cute one
Hella of a voice and he's kinda of an idol

Nice to meet you
The boys have been talking about this new friend
I was jealous for a second

Are you the reason they always work with boys?

Just the fact they all try to get their way with them

Craziest thing that happened?

Girl... I have a LOT of stories

How about you come with me and my friend for a shopping spree?

You read my mind

Sooa drove to YG to pick Iseul, she look at the building and wonder how she and Iseul got so lucky to be working on these big companies.

Her whole life she worked hard to be where she is, her dream was to work on a big company that would allow her to be herself and do the music she loves.

Iseul noticed Sooa was in dream land so she knocked on the window to wake her up from her thoughts.

"What are you thinking?"

" I'm just grateful for all..." she smiled starting the car " oh Taeil's girlfriend is coming with us"

"Yeah" Iseul yelled " I can finally meet her, Dongsun said she's really nice"

Leaving the car, Sooa notice a girl leaning towards the wall looking at her phone.


"It's me" she smiled putting her phone away "and you must be the famous Sooa, nice to meet you"

"Hey, I'm Iseul. Dongsun girlfriend"

"Hello! It's nice to meet you, I'm so happy you texted me. I needed to leave the house"

"Yeah Taeil told you would love to go out"

"He went on tour and my friend is away on vacation so I was dwelling alone" she laughed "tell me more about you!"

The girls spent the evening together shopping and sharing stories, Sooa didn't expect for Eungsoo being such an extrovert, due Taeil personality she though Eungsoo would be a more calm and shy type of girl.

"So you haven't met Hana?"

"No, she's the girl Mark likes isn't she?" Sooa said

"Yeah, but their kinda best friends now... he's trying to move on. She use to go to the company and lunch with him and Yejun"

"No... I haven't met her, but isn't weird being friends with the girl you like?"

"I couldn't do it. It took me months to tell Dongsun that I liked him because of that"

"At first I told him to fight, but he told me she could see how happy she was with Jeonghan and at that moment he was so busy he couldn't fight even if wanted to"

"The competition was tought" Iseul said

"Oh come on... Jeonghan is a fine specimen but Mark is just as good and talented "

"Tell me more" Eungsoo said smirking

"No, no no no no no.... Not that way" Sooa said "just that if he wanted he could had a chance"

"6 no's.... Interesting" Iseul said laughed

"She's working with NCT is a very hard job and requires a lot of control. I know those boys, they're easy to fall in love"

"I'm fine" Sooa said

"Famous last words" Iseul winked at her making both of them laugh

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