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After leaving Sooa house, Mark rushed home. He didn't know what to do, he finally done it and confess but it went really bad as he wanted to do in calmer situation probably with some flowers but now he made it in the messiest way.

He open the door and he saw Taeyong and Doyoung on the couch watching a movie.

"You're pale" Doyoung said checking his forehead " not hot"

"Did something happened?" Taeyong asked him

"It was terrible!" Mark said looking at them " I confess... but like in the worst kinda way"

"Wow that's progress!" Doyoung hugged him " what she said?"

"I don't know"

"You ran didn't you?" Taeyong shook his head "Mark..... you don't do that"

"What should've I done? I was stupid, blurry out a few words and I left her speechless. I couldn't stay there. She was gonna reject me"

"Or maybe she was processing your dumb confession" Doyoung said

"I was stupid?"

"You were"

"Mark stupid?" Johnny appeared "that's nothing new but tell me what happened"

"He fucked up with Sooa"

"I did?" Mark asked Doyoung

"Tomorrow talk to her" Taeyong said cutting off Doyoung "really talk to her and explain her"

"That I like her? It's not like I have an answer. When you like someone it's because of the feeling not because of reasons"

"Wow use that for lyrics"Johnny said surprised

"Go to sleep" Taeyong patted Mark's shoulder

Next morning, Sooa was supposed to eat breakfast with Eungsoo and Iseul. Dongsun wanted to come as well but Iseul explained him it was a girls date.

Arriving at the coffee store, Sooa saw Eungsoo smiling so hard she just knew Eungsoo knows what happened.

"That's why you asked me for breakfast?" Sooa asked before sitting down

"Johnny told Taeil and Taeil told me" Eungsoo smiled "and I told Iseul so now sit your pretty ass and tell us what you're feeling"

"Did Johnny told you everything? "

"From Hana till the confession. Why did you left?"

"I was jealous. I didn't liked when he left with Hana. It's always Hana."

"First time seeing you jealous" Iseul said smiling "you're way to cute"

"Shut it. He doesn't like me. Probably the boys are putting things in his head and he thinks he liked me. We're just at the same vibe that's it"

"She's still in denial" Eungsoo shook her head "he likes you. He told you that"

"You're putting pressure on him" Sooa rolled his eyes

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