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Breakfast my place

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Sooa knock on the door in a rhythm, making herself noticed.

"She made pancakes" Dongsun said opening the door, but his words made Sooa pushing off the way and run to the kitchen

"You're the best" Sooa kissed Iseul cheek taking a bite "this is seriously the best pancakes of the world"

"That's why I love her" Dongsun said " now back off" he took the plate of Sooa hands

"Hmmm take the pancakes, I'll keep the pancakes maker"

"Guys.... I'm right here"  Iseul said "there's pancakes for everyone, some for you to take for the dreamies and some for you to 127. And Dongsun" she raised her eyebrow "this better make to them, not like last time"

"I promise" He said pouting

"And you don't like sweets but you're crazy about the pancakes.... I trust you" Iseul said making Sooa smile

Reaching SM building, Dongsun and Sooa parted ways. As she was walking in the hallway someone open the door and smashed her with the door.

"I'm so so so so sorry" some hands helped her not lose balance

"First the scooter and now a door? Mark if you want me dead better use a knife"

"I'm so sorry. I was in a hurry"

"The 6 groups have you busy" she laughed "I'm fine don't worry"

"Are you sure? Your forehead is kinda red" he got closer and blow to the redness

"Are you blowing at my bu-bu?" She asked surprise

"Oh shoot" he said in English backing up "sorry"

"I'm ok" she smiled

"I was actually looking for you... can we make some changes on the beat?"

"First you try to run me over, then slam a door at my face and now criticize my work. You know how to make a girl feel special" she said opening her computer "sit. Let's work"

"Wait-" he said " I liked your work...a lot.... It's just some tweaks here and there"

"Now you're making me blush... you're learning from Yuta"  she shook her head while he chuckled

"Say his name three time and he'll appear"

"What? Is like Bloody Mary?"

"Try it and you'll see"

"Yuta Yuta Yuta" Sooa looked around and even open the door "See-"


Sooa, Dongsun brought pancakes do you have some too?

Sooa looked at her phone and then to Mark, she laughed her ass off throwing her phone away.

"You use black magic to be in 6 groups too?"

"I wished" he answered

Mark and Sooa sat in a dimly lit recording studio, surrounded by a maze of buttons, screens, and blinking LED lights. Mark fidgeted with the cap of his water bottle, while Sooa took a piece of pancakes.

"What some?" She asked him

"Are they from Dongsun girlfriend?" Sooa nodded giving him one which he took immediately "I should come to work with you more often"

"So what do you want to change?"

"Hmm in this part, can you add a little bit more of speed? And maybe some Korean tradicional sound?"

"Ok...." She nodded looking again at the track on her computer " do you have your lyrics yet?"

"No... I'm working on them"

"I'm eager to see them"


"Haru said you're really good... I wanna see that personally"

"Wow that's too much pressure" he raised his hands up "but yeah that's one of my passions"

After some time working together, Haru came in and sat with them trying to help them but Mark and Sooa didn't need any help they were doing their own thing.

"Aish it's 2 pm" Mark got up in a hurry and grab his things "I need to go, thank you for your time"

"Sure thing... try not to kill anyone on the way" she said right before the door closed "I'm so tired and I have so much to do" she murmured looking at the computer "I need to eat"


Gonna lunch
Anyone up to it?

Leaving practice

I'm not in the company but I'll be back in a bit

He just ran
I think he had something going on

I'm going too

He was with you the whole morning?

Yeah why?

He's been declining our calls
Now we know the answer

We were working on the music and lost track of the time sorry

That's normal with him

I'm up for lunch too!!

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