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It was morning, the house was silent so Sooa assumed they were still sleeping. Mark's arm was still around her waist while he's still asleep.

She didn't wanted to wake him up so she stayed there trying to sleep for a bit more.

She snuggle into him, using the heat from him since she was getting cold.

"Hmm I could get use waking up like this more often" he said kissing her neck

"Good morning" she turn around facing him. As he leaned down to kissed her she covered her lips making him confuse "morning breath"

"You'll need to let me kiss you even with morning breath when we'll live together" he said laughing

"Not today" she kissed his cheek "I'm gonna brush my teeth"

"Nope, stay here" he grabbed her hand while she was getting up

She chuckled and hugged him too, they stayed in bed for a bit more time. Until they heard some commotion outside.

"And they're up" Mark groan squeezing her one last time before getting up

"Babe can I borrow some of your clothes?" Sooa asked sitting up in the bed

His face lights up and he runs to his closet, he grabbed a bag and gave her.

"What's this?"

"Open up"

And she did, it was the dress she saw with Eungsoo. She looked at him and smiled, throwing herself at him hugging.

"Thank you" she kissed him

"No more issues with morning breath?" He teased her

"You shouldn't have... it was expensive"

"You deserve it" he said to her

"You're the sweetest you know that?" She kissed him again

"Go get dressed. The dreamies wanna see you"


"Yeah, they said I wasn't spending time with them and I promised them I would be with them today. Jaemin order for me to bring you too... not that he had to force me. I prefer spending time with you"

"Hmmm hmmm" she narrow her eyes "I'll go get ready"

As she was dressing, Mark walked out his room to give her privacy.

Yuta passed by and smiled at him " Is Sooa awake?"

"Yeah she's getting dressed"

"Good, Eungsoo and Taeil are making breakfast for all of us before leaving"

"Me, Sooa and Haechan will be out too for today"

"You're taking my girl away" Yuta pouted

"She's not your girl" Mark said but it only made Yuta chuckled

When Sooa entered the living room, Eungsoo smiled and looked at Mark.

"You finally gave her the dress" Mark nodded " you look great"

"Thanks" Sooa said before sitting down next to him

During breakfast, while Haechan was teasing Doyoung, Yuta was talking with Jungwoo. Taeil was listening to Eungsoo and Taeyong talking, Johnny was showing something on his phone to Jaehyun and the pretty couple was on their own world.

After some time, as Jungwoo and Johnny was washing the dishes. Mark said to Sooa to grab her thing as they were going.


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s.oy this boots were made for walking, but I don't care 💁‍♀️

hi.eung.soo and that dress was made for you 🔥

is.me honey, no shoes in the couch!
Dongs let her be. You look great honey
is.me you spoil her

User1 ♥️

User2 I'm not ok 🥵

User3 sliding into the DM

User4 even SM staff is a visual

"That dress does looks good on you" Mark said holding her hand at elevator

"I can't believe it was you that bought it" Haechan said

"He had help from Eungsoo"

"That explains it"

"Wow thanks babe"

"Ugh.... You saying babe should be illegal"

"Shut up" both Mark and Sooa said as the door open up

Being with the dreamies is not new for her but normally she just sees them at lunch or practice.

They walked in, they all get excited minus Rejun who was already being annoyed by Haechan.

"Do you want something to drink?" Jaemin asked her

"I'm gonna play in my room. Nice to see you" Jeno smiled at her

"Oh I'm coming with you" Haechan said following him

"Dude it was supposed for us to be all together"

"Let him go" Rejun said

While they went to Jeno's bedroom, the rest of them enjoyed playing some games in the living room until Chenle got tired and they decided to watch a movie.

Sooa was sitting next to Mark with her legs on his lap and a blanket on top of her. He was more focus on her then the movie, it was crazy to him having a girlfriend and her being ok with him being an idol.

He never thought it would be possible finding someone who understands him and gets along with his " family"

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