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Mark's live broadcast, sent shockwaves through the fans. It was all the media could talk about and it made some fans even madder. It also reached the ears of his family...

Scooter boy 🛴 ☠️ 💚

Houston we got a problem

Hey babe

More concern please

What's wrong?!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!


Still not the reaction you wanted?


Being in lock down isn't doing any good to my head

It's good for your safety and you're still working

But I miss Haru

Wow I thought you would say you miss me

Ugh I see your face everyday

It's a very nice face


I hate you

Love you too
But tell me

My parents are coming here
Like today


They saw the live and want to meet you
So they book the flights right after they saw and get in the plane the next day

Meet me?
Boy I need to call Iseul and Eungsoo to help me


I need to look good
Not like this

You look beautiful like that

You don't even know how I am

Pretty sure you're in my shirt, some baggy shorts and messy hair

Spot on
And I can't meet you're parents like this

You look adorable

Mark.... Dude I won't met your parents like this
I need 4 hours

You're fucked
They're here in 2 hours

So why are you wasting my time?

As Eungsoo and Iseul arrived at Sooa's place to help her get ready. Sooa was nervous and wanted some tips, she never met boyfriend parents so she's afraid they won't like her.

"Alright, fashion emergency team is here! Sooa, you got any outfits that scream 'I'm about to charm Mark's family'?" Eungsoo said

"I called you because I don't know what that means. What it's the right thing to wear?"

Iseul, with a mischievous smile said " How about we spice it up a bit your style. You don't want to go like a different person... and you have style"

Eungsoo grab some pieces and gave it to her " try this"

As they search into Sooa's wardrobe, the conversation seamlessly transitioned into sharing stories about the girls history with boyfriend family

"I once accidentally called Taeil grandma 'ma .' The good part? She loved it and made me call her that all the time"

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