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Under the warm  sun, the air was filled with the soft hum of excitement and a touch of nervous anticipation

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Under the warm sun, the air was filled with the soft hum of excitement and a touch of nervous anticipation. It was the day Hana and Jeonghan were to tie the knot. The rumors have quiet down but the hate toward Sooa hasn't.

The girls have been telling her to post like she usually does and not to look at the comments but it's hard.

And while she's struggling, Mark is being extra careful so not spending so much time with her.

The garden venue was a bloom with the colors of love: roses, peonies, and lilacs.Sooa was so happy for the couple, she is amazed by how beautiful the venue looks

"You look beautiful" Mark placed a hand on her lower back and kissed her neck

"Is it ok?" Sooa smoothed the fabric of her dress.

"Perfect" he smiled but that's not the answer she wanted

"About us. Here" she frown and look at their surroundings

"It's ok. Almost everyone is an idol"

"You look hot" Eungsoo stole the girl from Mark arms and hugged her "you two look so good together"

"And yet you took her from me" Mark lean his chin up in my head "give her to me"

Sooa look at him and snuggle more into his chest.

The last time she saw such a gathering, the circumstances had been far less joyous. She remembered the crowd in front of the company and all the harsh glare of camera flashes.

"You ok?" He whispered into her ear


Her mind was all over the place, she's there to celebrate love and she got herself thinking if  she and Mark will ever have that opportunity.

All this process made her doubt if in another situation of rumor or trouble he's gonna put the decision again on her shoulders.

Sooa took a deep breath, cleaning her mind. Today was not about them, it was about Hana and Jeonghan.

As the wedding march began to play, and Hana started her walk down the petal-strewn aisle, her hands reach for Mark's.

They didn't need words, not right now. His presence, his touch, was enough to calm her doubts.

As the reception unfolded, laughter and music filling the night for all minus Mark who can sense Sooa it's not mentally there.

"Mind if I steal her for a dance?" Yuta comes up and reach for her hand

Mark nodded and Sooa squeezed his arm before getting up her seat.

Now in the dance floor, she saw a glimpse of worry in Yuta eyes.

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