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Scooter boy ☠️

How you're feeling today?

Who decided we should play mafia since 2 am?

You and Haechan

Clearly I was influenced by him
My head hurts

I'll buy some medicine
Anything more?

I'm hungry

What do you want?

Iseul pancakes

I can't make that Sooa

I know
I'll just eat something in the company
I don't even know if I have meetings today

You didn't drink how come you're talking like you're hangover

I'm tired
The same thing

Prepare yourself because Eungsoo wants to go out with you and Iseul today

How do you know?

She told me yesterday

I can't say no to her
Taeil has a hard life

Where are you?

Leaving in a bit

I'll see you in a bit

Haru was in the company coffee when Sooa sat next to him.

"Why are you here?" He asked her

"I need to work because I need the money. But seeing you is also the reason I came to work everyday" she rolled her eyes

"Not SM" he said flicking her "here! You have food for you in the studio"

"I have?"

"You do. From the admirers you have perhaps "

"I don't have admirers" she was saying when Yuta and Jungwoo appeared

"What admirers? Sooa only has one" Jungwoo said

"If she has more 127 will have a nice talk with them" Yuta winked

"And who exactly is my admire?"

"Just go eat" Haru said shaking his head "kids this days...."

Sooa almost ran to see what Haru was talking about. She in fact saw the food in her desk, getting closer she noticed it was the same as Iseul pancakes.

"There's no way..." she took a bite and it was obvious it was her pancakes

🎶 ♥️

You're the best!
How did you knew I wanted your pancakes?

A birdie told me

Woke us up matter in fact
My day off 😭

I'm not following you

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