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"I'm so mad at you" Haru said when Sooa open the door

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"I'm so mad at you" Haru said when Sooa open the door

"Well good morning to you"

"Where's my coffee?"

"At the cafeteria where you can buy one" she said sitting down "you're stalking me?"

"I want my coffee"

"I bought mine right after leaving home, sorry" she rolled her eyes " you're feisty today... I'll go pick you some coffe"

"Honey I'm home" Yuta said opening the doors making a dramatic entrance "miss me?"

"You're back" Sooa hugged him "I even forgot"

"I've been away for one month and that's what you say to me?"

"A month and 3 days but who's counting" she said "I'm grabbing some coffee do you want something?"

"I'm tired, we have practice in the evening so I'll just sleep for a bit. I just came to say hey" he smiled leaving

🎶 ♥️

Ok we need an intervention

I'm glad you finally admit that
Long hair doesn't suit you and I'm glad you realized that

I like his long hair

Thanks babe
And the intervention is for you

Me?! Why?

More coffee?
You just had a cup

Where you spying on me?

He's sees it all
I swear he put a tracker in our phones

And the coffee it's not for me
You could just say hello to me

It's for who?
Who's making you his coffee girl?

I need to go
Don't spy on me  😒

Sooa was on the elevator when Mark got in " hey.... You look tired"

"That what tour does to you" he smiled at her

"Is Haechan feeling better?"

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