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Final day of recording!

After we celebrate
Sooa you're in?

I'm so hangover
Not a good day

Want some medicine?

You're the nicest ♥️

Actually I am

You can all come have dinner at our place
I'll cook

She's the boss
No one says no 😊

I'm up to some homemade food

I don't know if I can

No one can say no

But I need to work and after I have to go home

Please come


It's happening

Sooa please 🥺

I'll try my best

Stopping her car at the company, Sooa took a big gulp in her water. Her head was spinning and her whole body was aching.

She open the door and all NCT127 was there ready for the last day of recording.

"You look like shit" Johnny said in English

"Wow thank you" she answered also in English "don't go having conversation behind my back, I understand it all" she winked

"Do you feel ok?" Mark asked but Sooa just nodded and sat on her chair

"Let's wrap it up quickly" Doyoung said "Sooa looks like she needs a rest"

" You're an angel" Sooa looked at him

One by one they went inside the recording both for the last touches and adlibs.

"Ay yo" Jaehyun said at her ear making Sooa jump out her seat. He laughed while holding her not to fall.

Mark was looking at their interaction when Haechan nudged him " you look like you wanna kill him"


"Just talk to her" Haechan said "she's upset with you, say you're sorry and move on"

"From her ?!"

"With her" He rolled his eyes

It was Mark turn to go inside, he lock eyes with her while he was doing his own thing.

Yuta was behind her doing hearts around her making him laugh, messing up the rap.

Sooa looked behind but Yuta stop and just smile at her.

"Ok one more time" she said right before she sneeze "fuck"

"Swearing..." Jungwoo said shaking his head

"Sorry, I've been sneezing all morning"

Doyoung got up and put his hand on her forehead " you're feverish.... I'm getting you some medicine " he said leaving the room

"There's no way to stop him" Sooa chuckled

Mark finish recording and was worried about her. He looked at her outfit and thought that she should've have bring something warmer.

"Sooa here take my jacket" Mark took his jacket off and offered her

She looked confused at him " no need"

"Please take it" he said again making her nodded and wear his jacket

Yuta, Jaehyun and Haechan were smiling seeing Mark finally knows his feelings and it's doing something about it.

After they all finish, Sooa was taking the jacket off to give Mark. The members all left, leaving the two of them behind.

"Hey here" she said before he left

"No, keep it. You're cold.... Doyoung is almost here with your medicine" he smiled

"You'll get sick.... I don't wanna your fans worry about you"

"I'm ok, we're gonna practice. I'm gonna heat up pretty fast. Don't worry about me" he smiled leaving

After long hours of work, Sooa looked at her phone and saw texts of Eungsoo to remind her of dinner. She was felling better, the medicine Doyoung brought her really help, now she needed to rest but didn't wanna leave Eungsoo upset for not going so she took her stuff and left the room.

She heard some rustling , looking back at the knob she noticed a plastic bag with a scooter drawn on it.

Inside the bag it was hot tea and some more medicine along with some chips.

She smiled knowing dam well who left that for her but she didn't know, he did left her a note.

We're leaving for dinner, I know Eungsoo will make you come too but before take this.
It's really good for colds and some chips to put you in a better mood.
I'm sorry

Your scooter boy

Her phone rang and of course it was Eungsoo " I'm leaving the company, just send me the address" she said hearing the ruckus on the other side

Ringing at the door, Taeil was the one who came open for her. Johnny and Doyoung were having a karaoke show down before dinner. Jungwoo and Yuta were their background dancers.

Jaehyun and Taeyong were helping Eungsoo in the kitchen while Mark, Haechan and Taeil were talking on the dinner table.

"Join the normal ones" Haechan said

"Hey" Sooa said sitting down between Mark and Taeil.

"Are you better?" Mark asked while Haechan and Taeil were talking "I meant what I wrote..."

"Thank you" she smiled "And I'm sorry too. I was mad for no reason"

"No... It won't happen again"

"She may need you again" Sooa looked nervous while playing with her rings

"No need, everything is ok with her boyfriend."

"It must be hard being in love with someone who's dating another person"

"Not hard" he said and laughed seeing Sooa confused "I realized I really moved on... and maybe i just had a crush not like her"

"What happened for you realize that?" She asked

He shrugged his shoulders and gave his cup of tea that was still warm

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