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Mark and Sooa, made a pact not to look at the comments or looking at articles. They were locking themselves at her house, like in their little bubble and they knew it was about to burst.

Last night was tiring, the weeding ended pretty late and they actually danced a lot. Sooa was so happy she could be with him with no worries there.

When they finally decided to make their relationship public, they made the decision of taking a leap of faith together.

However they were met with an unexpected backlash from their fans.

The news of Mark and Sooa's relationship spread like wildfire, fueling a frenzy among their followers. The fans felt betrayed and took to social media to express their disapproval. Negative comments flooded in, criticizing Sooa for not being the "right" match for Mark and she should be fired to get away from him.

127 🏡

You two no phones today

Is that bad?

Don't look at your phone

Me and Iseul are answering to some jealous bitches don't worry

That may put attention on you
Be careful

Don't even try
She's fighting for you

Thanks ♥️

My family is calling me non stop

They don't know about Sooa ?

I haven't said anything to my parents also

You two are two peas from the same pot

Answer them
They must worried about you

I would be
Things are ugly


Nothing we can't handle
Do you have work?

But Mark's coming with me

She'll be fine
I'm there

I can call the calvary
All NCT protecting you

We're tall they won't notice you

Thanks but I think I'm good

The situation escalated further when a group of passionate fans gathered at the entrance of the company, demanding that the couple's relationship be terminated. There were fans screaming and with signs, even signs with photos of her.

Mark watched all this unfold with growing concern for Sooa. He couldn't bear seeing her being the target to such hate.

He took a deep breath and looked at her " Going in with you heads up and do you wanna my jacket to cover you"

"We'll walk together. Their like dogs, you can't show you're afraid or they'll bark even more"

He knew that she was strong-willed, but he couldn't help worrying about the toll it was taking on her mental well-being.

"Are you ok?" He asked one last time before leaving the car

"With you on my side I am" She smiled and if the fans couldn't see them at all he would kiss her.

Amidst the chaos, Mark made it his mission to stand by Sooa's side through the whole walk until they were safe and sound inside.

He didn't let her hand go and entered the elevator together.

At the sound of the elevator stopping,Sooa was pulled with such a strength to a hard chest.

"My baby"

"I'm ok. Dongsun, you're squeezing me too much" the girls said and Mark laughed watching her cheeks all smush against Dongsun.

"Sorry" he finally let her go " if I see a scratch on her I'm coming for you" he looked at Mark

"I got her" he wrapped his arms around her and snuggle into her neck

"Ok.... I believe you"

The couple went to her studio, initially she thought they would find Haru there but it was empty, Sooa flopped into her chair and sighed.

"That was kinda overwhelming"

"You're not used to it. Are you ok? You can be real with me. Are you regretting?"

"Of course not" she grabbed his hand " I just thought that maybe they would be understanding of this situation and be happy that you're happy but seeing the people with the signs it made me worried about my position here and your career"

"Babe" he kneel down and place both hands on her thighs "nothing will happen to us. Everything will stay the same, they just need some time to adjust. It's a big change"

"Nothing change for them.... You're still in NCT and you're still making music"

"But the way they see me changes a bit in their mind. Let's give them time, but until then I'll always be with you ok?"

"Love you" she kissed him softly as an appreciation for his love for her

"Don't go soft on me" he smiled and hugged her " love you too"

The day began with a shared determination to focus on work, sidelining the inevitable wave of public opinion crashing around them.

Despite their best efforts, the pull of curiosity was strong. Sooa had the urge to peek at her phones and see the comments of their relationship.

In the middle of this storm, the other members of NCT showed their support for Sooa. Aware of the pressures she faced, they checked in on her regularly, offering her food or just their company.

She heard a knock on her door and she knew it must be another of them.

"Hey" Jeno said " so do you wanna play?"

Sooa laughed at his words but instead of asking her if she was ok he was trying to distract her and she needed that.

"Sure" she answer as Jeno sat next to her and they stay there in silence just playing.

As the hours passed, the couple found brief moments to check on each other, exchanging silent reassurances. Yet, with a busy schedule, it was impossible for them to be always together, although that was Mark wanted.

Today was not the greatest day for that, Mark had a photoshoot with 127, so he couldn't be there to drive Sooa home.

Sooa, walking alone through the company building , feeling stressed because of the situation.

Surprise to her, a group of angry fans, displeased with the revelation of her relationship with Mark, were waiting for her .

In frustration, they threw gallons of paint on her leaving her stunned and all neon green while the paint came rushing down on her.

In a second the security came to help her, one grabbed her inside while the other one ran towards the fans who did that cruelty.

"Sooa?" Winter called her out "Come with me, I got some clothes you can change to" she helped her out

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