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Scooter boy 🛴 ☠️ 💚

I'm dead

Hey babe
I seen some clips
You guys look amazing

I'm just tired
We just ate all together

Have you been eating?

Yes mom

Don't talk back at your mother

How's work?

Haru is killing me
I love him but I need a break

SM must be making pressure on him
Don't worry
Do you want me to talk with him?

He's fine

Are you fine?
Don't you have a days off ?
Use them

To be at home alone ?
No thank you

Wanna come here?
I'll pay for the ticket

How chivalrous
My knight in charming armor

Wow saying like that
But I do miss you
I wish you were here

To give you a foot massage

What? No
Maybe a back massage but not feet

Do you have a problem with feet ?

No problem just they're good with socks

Oh scooter boy I'm definitely giving you a foot massage

No way

Yes way
And you're gonna love it

Please baby stay away from my feet

Are they smelly?
I can work with that
There's some sprays that help

What? No
They're not smelly
They're normal

Are you sure?
You can be honest with me

Sooa I love you but please let's stop talking about my feet

One of my faves You look happy Almost good enough for me background photo

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One of my faves
You look happy
Almost good enough for me background photo

Which photo do you have?


For real????

It's actually a photo of us
Same as your phone

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