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NCT G 💃🏻


Sooa why are you dancing with Mark?!
When that happened?

You waited 2 days to send the photo?

Taeil asked me not to because he wanted to be the one teasing
I just couldn't wait

I need to know everything!



Tell me the place

hi.eung.soo story

"Tell me" Iseul asked giving her puppy eyes

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"Tell me" Iseul asked giving her puppy eyes

"Nothing happened.... I was with Yuta, he went to te bathroom and Mark step in"

"And they dance" Eungsoo said " they even won the competition"

"Only because Haechan got mad at Johnny"

"No girl because everyone could feel the tension going on"

"Can I go to SM just for this? I'm feeling like I'm missing this very important moments" Iseul pouted "by the way, the photo is amazing"

"Thank you" Eungsoo high five Iseul "so nothing is happening between you two?"


"Tell us"

"We held hands" she said and both girls started giggling and screaming "it was nothing, he was watching my scratch and then we stood there like that"

"Like that?" Iseul raised her eyebrow " yeah sure I hold hands with all my friends"

"Awww that's sweet actually"

"You like him?"

"No no "

"Last time was 6 no's... we're getting somewhere"

"I'm getting late if I stay here" Sooa said getting up " you two are gaging up on me and I don't like it"

Sooa was on queue to get some coffee in SM, Yuta and Doyoung were in and asked her if she wanted to hang out with them for a bit.

"Hey beautiful"

"Hey Yuta" she smiled not even looking at him

"She's strong... she didn't reacted to you flirting" Doyoung said looking around for a table for them

"I'm immune" Sooa laughed

"For some reason" Yuta winked " had fun at the dance competition?"

"I know about the photo... Eungsoo is dreaming"

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