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Scooter boy 🛴 ☠️ 💚

Hey miss u
How are you?

Just going to bed
Really tired

Are you ok?
I don't want you to overwork

I'm ok
Love you

Sooa sighed looking at her phone knowing he's lying to her, or more hiding the truth.

Uneasy feeling came rushing through her as she felt useless and hopeless about this whole situation.

Sooa stumbled upon a piece of information by luck or by a worry Ten, who was now feeling bad about open his mouth about Mark condition.

Deep down she knows he didn't told her because he wanted to shield her from the pain and stress it would cause. He believed that by keeping it to himself, he could protect her from unnecessary anxiety, but now she just feels like he doesn't trust her enough to open up about his struggles.

While Dongsun catches up with her, Sooa is already in the studio where Haru is waiting for her.

"Are you ok? You walk fast... have you ever thought doing a marathon?"

"I'm ok. Just gonna bury myself in work" she smiled at him closing the door behind her

🎶 ♥️

Our daughter closed the door at my face
I can't describe my feelings

I don't care about your feelings
I care about her
What you did to her?

Not me

They're adults let them get their shit together
But if you need me I'm here
I know taekwondo

But Dongsun is just exaggerating

Drama queen


s.oy story

"Just add an adlib there and will be perfect"

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"Just add an adlib there and will be perfect"

"Haechan?" Sooa asked " or Yuta?"

"Hmmm Yuta has the raspy voice I need"

"You can put Haechan harmonizing with Taeil in the bridge"

"That's good" Haru stoped biting his pencil and wrote that down

The girl stood there looking at his computer and slurping on her tea that was over a long time ago. Haru doesn't know if she didn't noticed or she liked the sound of it.

"Dreamies still on tour?" He asked sensing that's the root of her focus problem

"They are"

"Wow 2 word answer.... Sooa tell me"

"Did you knew Mark passed out and even went to the hospital?"

"No" Haru answer surprised about the new information

"Me either. I found out by Ten asking me how my boyfriend was"

"Is he ok now?"

"I don't know. I texted him and he said he was but didn't mention anything about going to the hospital so for all I know he may be at the hospital right now"

Haru sighed and grab his phone " pack your bag"

"What?" Sooa almost yelled

"You're going on tour. That way you can see how he is and talking your shit together. Thank me later" he smiled while Sooa got up and hugged him  "oh and SM is gonna pay for everything. I told our boss you need to go for a song, and urgent matter"

"That doesn't make any sense" she laughed

"It doesn't but they bought it" he said

NCT G 💃🏻

I'm gonna catch a plane and go to Mark


Aww that's so sweet

You think he would mind?

He will love it babe
Record his  reaction

After many hours, Sooa is finally at their hotel. The anxiety was starting to settling in as she doesn't know his room or the receptionist won't tell her their room as she might be a crazy fan.

When Sooa grabbed her phone to text Mark, Haechan passed by her.

"Sooa!?!" He said "what are you doing here?"

"Surprise" she wiggled her arms "what are you doing outside?"

"Rejun wanted some sweets and I went to grab them. Does Mark knows you're here?"

"No... I didn't told him"

"He's asleep right now. He's tired as fuck but I'll open the door for you. We're sharing the room, I'll even sleep in Rejun and Chenle room to give you some privacy"

"Thanks" she smiled and walked behind him

Sooa got inside the room and Mark was still sleeping in his bed, she change her clothes and went to bed with him.

"Dude what are you doi-" Mark said but after opening his eyes went double the size

"Hospital?" Sooa asked him

"You found out? I just didn't wanna worry you" he grabbed a string of her hair and tucked it away

"We'll talk tomorrow, let's sleep"

"Am I dreaming?" He chuckled

"I'm here" she got closer and kissed him

"Stay here" he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her closely

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OMG I just saw Haechan and their producer walking in together in their hotel
Are they dating?!
SM you can't allow this! She's using him

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