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Scooter boy  ☠️

In a scale of 1-10 how drunk I was yesterday when we talked?

Pretty solid 7
But you were adorable

Why did I called you?

I called you because of Eungsoo
How's she?

In my bed
I hope she's not dead
That would be awkward conversation with Taeil

How are you?

And worse when I saw Haru asking me to go work in the afternoon
SM is overworking me dude
And I'm not you

Dude breathe
We're coming too
It's like a party thing
NCT is gather around

All of you?

Yeah why?

Johnny and Yuta told me great things about Ten
I wanna meet him


Do I need a reason?
I need friends Scooter boy 😠

You have us
Yesterday you called me Markie

I was drunk
You lied I was a 9 at least

You asked me to sing 😂

Did you?

I did

Wait... I don't remember
Do it again




I'm the producer
I'll make you sing

Come on get up
And send me your address

Are you coming and singing outside my window? 😉

Taeil wants to pick Eungsoo

Oh so you're not coming?

You want me to come?

Will you sing?


Ok don't come

Sooa did get up and went to check on Eungsoo, the girl was still sleeping and the bucket was clean so it was a great night.

"Good morning" Sooa said trying to get her up

"Hmm what time it is?" She said slowly open her eyes

"10... your man is coming and I made some coffee if you want"

"Can I marry you?"

"Not sure if Taeil would like that" Sooa laughed

"I'm more worried about Mark" Eungsoo murmured


"Nothing, I'm gonna to the bathroom"

Not long after Taeil was there to pick up Eungsoo, when he asked walked in. She immediately hugged him and kissed him.

"Too much PDA" Sooa said making the couple laugh

"Thank you for caring for her" Taeil said "I hope she didn't do any damages"

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