ACT 5 - one.

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Rae's POV

"So what exactly are we looking for?" Charlotte asked as she opened a drawer and pushed some papers aside.

"A will, my dad's will" I answer without looking up at her.

We were searching my dad's house or should I say mansion for half an hour now, but found nothing.

"You're really convinced he left a will?" Juliette asked from the other side of the room.

We became really close over the last few days. I went with her to the hotel, to confront my sister, only to find her fucking Rhett in what used to be my office.

I let them finish their business, which didn't take long, and tried to convince her to hire Juliette again.

Which was useless, I already suspected that but I still wanted to try, for Juliette.

"I wasn't until a few minutes ago, but now I really am sure yes" I said as I held up a piece of paper. "Is that his will?" Charlotte asked excitedly.

"No, his medical records, he was sick, extremely sick" I smiled.

Juliette and Charlotte looked at each other, not sure why I was smiling at that kind of news.

"He knew he was sick, he knew he didn't have much time left, so that's why he pushed me into managing all the hotels"

He wanted to prepare me, made sure I was ready by the time I had to. But he got more sick faster than he expected so that's why he pressured me so much.

"I don't believe he would make sure I was ready to take over, just to give the hotels to Stacy after he died"

They both nodded in agreement. "You're right, your dad was smart, he knew Stacy is an useless bitch" Charlotte said.

"So where would he leave a will?" Juliette looked at me. "Probably somewhere I would easily find it?"

But I had no idea where that could be.

"Your old room maybe?" Charlotte asked.

Yes of course, we have been looking through his office for half an hour, but he wouldn't leave it here, where Stacy could find it too.

"You're brilliant" I said as I gestured them to follow me. "I know" she mumbled.

The three of us walked upstairs, to my old room. It's been a while since I've been here. I wasn't even sure if it was still there.

Maybe he renovated it or made it his second office, or a fitness or whatever.

I opened the door only to find exactly the room I left many years ago.

"Damn, this was your room?" Juliette's mouth fell open. I had to admit that it was a big room, it had a tv corner, a book nook, a giant bed and a even bigger closet.

"So where did you spend most of your time? In your bed?" Charlotte joked. I rolled my eyes, she wasn't referring to sleeping.

"Probably in the book nook" I pointed at the comfy chair and many books laying around.

I walked to the corner and kneeled down to pick up one of the books.

"You were a reader?" Charlotte kneeled down next to me while Juliette sat down on the chair. "I was, mostly thrillers but I enjoyed a romantic book once in a while"

Juliette and Charlotte both shared a look. They probably now realized they didn't know me that well after all.

"And then I started to read a lot of management books and stuff" I got up and walked to the book case. "But my favorite book, was this" I said as I grabbed the book.

It was a book about a princess who grew up in her sister's shadow but eventually became the queen.

"It was the story my dad always read to me" I opened it to look through it, just when I flipped another page, a letter fell out of it.

I kneeled down, grabbed it and read through it. I quickly looked up at Juliette and Charlotte and I broke down, I started crying.

Charlotte and Juliette both sat down next to me, trying to comfort me, trying to figure out what was happening.

I knew he believed in me, probably more than I ever did.

Fuck dad, I'm gonna make you so proud but first, I have to kick my sister out of my castle.

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