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My dad forced me to go to Vegas, to attend the Vegas Grand Prix.
He was one of the most important people at the Hilton Hotels.

My dad was one of the shareholders and was the COO of the Hilton Hotels.

He was kind of a big deal, but he often used me to go to events or public things when he didn't feel like it.

So today wasn't any different. I got invited by Mclaren because we sponsored them.

"Hi Zak, I'm sorry but my dad couldn't make it, he had urgent matters to attend" I apologized as I shook Zak's hand.

He didn't have urgent matters to attend, he just had no interest in watching this race.

"That's okay Rae, we are happy you could come, do you want a tour around the garage?" Zak smiled.

He didn't know that I knew this paddock pretty well. He probably never noticed me because I used to spend a lot of time in another's team garage.

"Sure" I nodded. It's been a while since I've been in the garages anyways.

"Ey Lando, give her a tour please" he told one of their drivers.
Mclaren had two drivers, Oscar and Lando. I knew neither of them.

"I am not a tour guide" he groaned a little. He was definitely annoyed. "Just do what I ask" Zak patted his back before walking away.

And then I was left with Lando.

"Anyways so this is the garage and those are the cars" he pointed at their cars. "Amazing" I said sarcastically.

"I can see that you're a big fan" he chuckled a little. "I am just here because my dad was too lazy to come"

"You wanna see the paddock and stuff?" He asked but I could see he wasn't thrilled to show me.

And I didn't want to bump in my ex, so I actually didn't want to walk around the paddock either.

I shook my head. "No"

"You're a weird one" he narrowed his eyes as he looked at me. "But fair enough, I have better things to do anyways"

He walked away to his car, but I could see his eyes searching mine once or twice.

It was actually a pretty good race, but unfortunately not for Lando, because he crashed in lap 5 or 6.

I talked to Lando's friend the entire race, his name was Max Fewtrell and he was actually pretty fun to hang out with.

"You wanna hang out with us after the race?" He asked as the race was coming to a closure.

I nodded. "Sure" I was always up for a good party and Vegas was definitely the right place to do that.


I woke up with a terrible headache. I couldn't remember anything from last night, so I knew it had to be a pretty good party.

I rolled over, only to find a guy laying next to me. I was still wearing my dress, so I guess nothing happened between us.

We only slept next to each other.

My initial thought was that it was Max Fewtrell, but when the guy turned over I could see that it wasn't Max at all.

It was Lando.

He was wearing a button-up shirt, the first three buttons were opened, so you could see his chest a little.

I had a chance to look at him for a few seconds, he was actually pretty cute.

He groaned a little as he opened his eyes. I figured he must have a headache as well.

"Morning" he mumbled, his voice was rough and it gave me chills.

Morning voices were my weakness.

"Good morning" I said as I passed him a bottle of water. "It helps with the hangover"

He looked at me as he grabbed the bottle. "What happen-"

"Ah the love birds are awake" Max Fewtrell laughed as he walked in the bedroom where Lando and I were laying, next to each other, in the same bed.

We both looked at him. "What do you mean?" Lando asked.

Max Fewtrell sat down on the edge of the bed and grabbed his phone to show us some pictures. "You guys got married yesterday"

Lando and I both looked at each other and back at him. "We did what?"

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