Chapter 4:

We drove in a comfortable silence. Only the sound of the engine and the radio, were audible in the background. It for once felt nice, and I didn't feel as nervous as I would be around him. I noticed a smile play at his lips, and sometimes he would open his mouth in attempt to say something but then he'd change his mind, and not say a word but just simply smile. Which I was very thankful for.

I held, my “Baby” Pavel, in my arms while we got closer to my house. He pulled up in my drive way, and turner off the ignition of the car, and we just sat there looking out to the slightly lit up house.

“Thanks for the drive home.” I stated taking off my seat belt.

“No worries, it was my pleasure.” He said smiling at me, and like always his smiles, made my heart melt. So I smiled back up at him.

“Well I should get going then.” I said starting to open the door.

“No, wait just a minute.” He said, getting off the car, and walking around it, to open my door like a true gentleman. “I smiled as he helped me get out the car and carry my stuff up to the door, which I opened with my spare key.

“Again, Thank you Alek.” I said smiling at him, as I grabbed my bag and Pavel in my arms.

“It was my pleasure, Taylor.” He said smiling, and it looked like he wanted to say more but my dad walked up to us.

“Hey, Alek.” He said shaking his hand.

“Hello, Mr.-”

“Don't just like I tell your brother, you can call me John.” said my dad looking at Alek, but not with the admiration I had for him, but with respect and pride.

“It's nice to see you John.” Said Alek.

“So, how are the kids?” Asked my dad.

“Oh, there great, I'm getting Melody potty trained.” He said smiling. My dad laughed slightly.

“Yeah, I'm sure Taylor can help you with that.” He said.

“I was hoping she will, I know Melody would feel more comfortable with her presence.” Said Alek smiling.

“Yeah, that's understandable.” Said my dad

“Anyways, what in the name of the lord are you carrying in your arms?” Asked my dad looking at Pavel.

“Oh it's my class project, I have to take care of the baby for this whole semester.” I explained looking up at my dad, who had a very funny questioning look in his face, and I noticed that Alek also noticed because he was trying to hold back his laughter.

“So is there a dad, to this plastic doll”

“Dad, please it's a baby.”

“Tay, it's a doll.” He said in between laughter.

“No there were no more guys to pair me up with.” I said.

“But I have promised to share the responsibilities, of this child, so Taylor doesn't have to do it alone, and also considering the fact that she's always helped me with my kids, I plan on returning the favor.” Said Alek, looking at me with a smile, and then returning his look to my dad.

“Are you sure about that Alek?” asked my dad.

“I'm positive sir, how bad could it be?”.....

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