Chapter 1:

Taylor's POV:

Hmph. I'm not one to hate school but at this moment I was dreading it. The fact that I had to seat here and hear Mr.King  talk on and on for an hour was like diving into a very deep hole. I put my head down on the desk and counted my breaths till the end of the period. I was really hoping time would go faster, but unfortunately that didn't help. I was really anxious and excited to go to my last class, not only because after I would be on my way home but also it was my favorite class. Minutes later the bell finally rang and my head snapped up in lightning like speed. I picked up my bag and practically ran out of the class room to Ms. Smith's room. She was probably the coolest teacher in this whole school. Every one that new her loved her!  I put my bag on the cubicles on the side of the room. (She likes things organized)  and went over to my table.

I waited for my friends to get here and and just sat down and put my lap top on the desk and opened it up to my grades, just to burn time while class started.

"Good afternoon Taylor!" I was greeted by Ms. Smith when she came out of the back closet.

"Hey, Ms. Smith." I replied and she smiled as she walked over to her desk. If your wondering Ms. Smith is middle aged and had a teenage son that wanted to join the military. He wasn't bad looking and for being middle aged she was really cool.

I'm Taylor, I am 16 years old and I'm at least 5'5" , with long curly hair and light brown eyes. I'm slim and tan, but with a small torso and the rest of my height comes from the length of my legs. I love to be outside and just discover new things. currently I'm not seeing anyone but I do get asked out a couple of times, but like always I reply with no. 

The late bell rang and soon enough my friends joined me at the table.

"Hey Tay!" said Marisa, a very close friend of mine. But we called her smiley because she is always Smiling. Then Vicky and Jessica sat next and opposite to me. They were twin sisters and almost always agreed on everything which was really weird.

"Good after noon Ladies and gentlemen, how does it feel to be back from spring break?" asked Ms. Smith from the front of the class room and gave us all a smile. Everyone started answering her question and it turned into a fifteen minute class discussion.

"Alright settle down, we have a project and I need all of you's cooperation." she said and the room fell silent instantly.

"Thank you, now this is a very big project you will each become parents." She said and half the class groaned, including myself knowing that this meant me and someone else from the classroom.

"Is not as bad as it sounds, its just a big project and you will taking care of this battery monitored baby for 9 weeks. I'm sorry it has to be for 9 weeks but you have to experience the 9 months of child reproduction but since that cant happen imagine each week as a month, with your baby. The sex of the bay will be a surprise. Now I will be naming the couples as follows." She walked over to her computer and started naming the couples. I waited patiently till suddenly my name was called down and Ms. Corv had a frown on her face.

"Whats wrong Ms. corv?" I couldnt help but asking.

"I don't have a partner for you, which isn't fair, so If your willing I can give you an alternative assignment or you can get extra credit for doing it as a single mom." she said and looked expectantly at me.  I love kids and I babysat them all the time so pretending to be an older mom wasn't going to be too hard especially a baby doll. So I said yes and Ms. Corv passed me my new baby for the next 9 weeks. Luckily enough it was a baby boy. I went back to my deserted table due to my friends sitting with the "father's" of their babies.

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