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Chapter 13:


There was an eary silence in the home, the bird's chirped outside the window, but the heart beats accelerated inside the home. Everyone with their own kind of worry and preocupation. Mr. Stewart walked down the hall way with happines and sadness coarsing through his vains, with his wife's hand of support he felt like everything will be okay, or at least he hoped so. Lidia was slightly much more calm, now that she had relvealed the new baby to her bhusband whom she thought would be mad and complain that they were too old or even about the amount of money the baby was going to take up and then raising it...

They both walked down the hall hand in hand, to the room where Taylor laid in the middle of her bed, hugging her pillow as she cried silently onto it. The tears were streaming endless down her soft slightly tinted cheeks, splashing onto the pillow like a little rain drop. The sound of her muffled cries was evident to her parent's who stood outside the door, feeling the pain their only daughter was going through.

Thomas, opend the door, slightly as his wife gave his hand a light squeeze of reasurance, he turned back to face her and flashed her a small smile. They both walked in slowly into their daughters room, slowly inching closer to her bed, where she laid with out any idea that her parent's where in the same room as her.

Lidia sat slightly on the side of the bed and put her hand on her daughter's back, where she rubbed soothing circles.

“Honey, I'm so sorry.” Where the word's that came out of her mom's mouth, pity. Something Taylor did not want to hear, to Taylor they were not sorry, it was just self pity that they felttowards her wich angered her more than anything. The tear's had slowly come to a stop and her sob's had died down when Mr. Stewart decided to speak up.

“Tay, we did this for the best...” His words lefdt Taylor full of confusion, and in questioning. His words broke as he tried to chke them out, but never once looking at his daughter.

“The best? ... Of who dad, you?” She felt betrayed, but yet she didn't know by whom, she was just angry at her dad's poor choice of words. She hated the fact that he culdn't look at her as he spoke.

“Taylor, you are about to be seventeen he is almost twienty five and he's been married, heck his still married and he didn't even know it, he has a wife and two childen. Taylor he has a family to take care of and your not and never will be part of it. What we did was best for you, we didn't want you to get hurt later when he get's tired of you.” A slap in the face would of just satisfied Taylor, she felt like her parent's were calling her a straight out whore, that was just an older man's mistress, if only they knew but since they didn't they would never understand. A new set of tear's were beguining to re-apear in Taylor's eye's, it was as if she could cry endlessly.

“Look Taylor, there's a lot more fish in the sea, you just have to look hard enough to fing the right one. Now this with Alec is just a small crush you will be okay before you know it. It's better this way honey, he has lived his life, now you need to live your's.” Anger was coursing through her vains, not at her dad's choice of words but at him in general.

“Get out.” Her words where low and menacing, it cut right through her mom to hear the anger seeping throught her daughter's voice. It broke her heart to see that her daughter was so mad at her dad.

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