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Chapter 13:

Andrey's POV:

We drove to Mc Donals's and I bouth us a couple of Mc flurry's and she seemed much more relaxed as she would conversate and laugh, but I could still see sadness filling her eyes anytime Alec or the kids where brought up.

We sat in my fixed truck and she sat back with her legs propped up on the dash board, currently she was mixing the contents of her flury with the spoon, she layed there looking at it like it was something strange and out of this world. I looked at her cute face, it was filled with millions of different emotions, her eye's where slightly puffy and slightly pink. She had her hair up in a very mesy ponytail, she had small hair strings covering her soft delicate face. Her eyelashes were long and slightly messy, they covered her almond shaped eyes from the outside.

“Andrey.” He soft whisper broke me out from focusing on her delicate face, I refocused and noticed her holding the flury like it was the mosy important thing in this world. In a way I wished I was the most important thing in her world, but I know that no matter what there's only one person that had that spot already reserved no matter how much it pained me to accept it.

“Yeah Tay.” I said barely above a whisper. She satyed sitting there in silence as her eyes focused on something outside the window.

“You'r going to hate me, after this.” She whispered into her hands that collided with her face as she hanged her head.

“No Tay, don't worry. We've been friends since we were in diapers, no one can change that.” I said trying to calm her down seeing as her breathing, the only noise in the car, was becoming much more raggered.

“Andrey, I am so so sorry. . .” I looked at her pained expression, but not for because it caused me pain, and guilt to course through me. She wouldn't be mopping and being sad if it weren't because I wenmt and told onher and my brother, if I hadn't teamed up with stupid Avery non of this would be happening. . . In way's I felt bad but I guess my selfish side won because I didn't care much about it, I was determined to win Taylor. I took of my seatbelt and wrapped my arms securely around her small and fragile figure hugging her towards me. She wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me tighter towards her, as she started to cry softly against my chest.

I brushed her back and off of her face, slowly revealing her puffy red eyes, and cute little red nose. I noticed her breathing had died down a bit and her eyelids where shut tightly, showing me she had fallen asleep as her arms around me loosened a bit. I tried tried putting her in a much better and comfortable position of the truck as I drove her back home, not something I wanted to do because it meant I would ahve to be away from her.

I drove down narrow street 'Narcoose' knowing her home would be just at the end of the street. Where her parents would be waiting patiently for her as they talked and laughed like the happy couple they've always been. But that's not what I found when I got to her house. The house looked cold and empty it scared me to leave her there, but if I took her home that will just cause her a lot more paint than what she is already going through. I got out of my truck and went to the other side cautiously opening the door and grabbing Taylor in my arms bridal style. She quivered a bit but didn't wake up thankfully. I guess someone noticed me making my way towards the door, that when I had gotten to the footsteps the door automatically opened to reveal a very tired looking John.

“Thank you so much for bringing her in Andrey.” He said with a kind smile on his face that for some reason it made me really really sick in the bottom of my stomach. I just nodded my head nad walked down the hallway to where Taylor's room has always been, I pushed the door open with my foot and made my way inside the room we use to color and play around in when we where little kids. I remember being forced to play with barbie dolls, and her toy houses and she would use my toy cars for her dolls. Remembering her when we were younger made me miss the old days.

I noticed a doll on Taylor's bed, and remembered about Pavel's old baby blankets, he was wrapped in one of Jovan's blankets I'm gessing, I remember it was the same one that he had wrapped around himself when he first had come out of the hospital and the same one he had around himself when he first puked all over my mom.

I layed taylor over her bed covers and went to take off her shoes, I laid them next to her bed and walked out of the room. To find Tom sitting on the couch with a cup of what smelled like coffe, he turned around as I walked down the hallway and made myself visible in the living room.

“Thank you son, for everything. I don't just mean for taking care of her and looking out for her all these years but for comming to me and telling me, just in time to stop it before my baby girl got heart broken.” He looked so sencere as he said this and slightly grateful, but the look I got from Lidia was not something I was expecting.

“I can't believe you!” He words cut like knives at my body, slowly I felt them rip my skin apart till they go deep in my veins seeping throught letting the blood trickle out as the guilt covered them up like a bandage.

“What's wrong bunny ?” Asked Tom to his wife, but from the look in her eyes I could see what she was refering to and another shower of guilt pummeled above me.

“Don't you bunny me Tom! I cannot believe my daughter is heart broken because of you! The so called friend she has! How could you do this to my baby girl and your brother! I. . . I can't. . . Get out of my house right this instant I don't want you near my baby girl! Because of you she's in pain!” He words cut again right throught me and slowly I felt the fire behind the cut's she left all over me. My body was aching and burning but I didn't know if it wa of anger or hurt that her words where true hopw could I? I should of minded my wn business and waited for them to tell me themselfs. I should of just stayed Taylor's friend and me and my brother wouldn't be in the position we are in right now. . .

But no I just ahd to give in to Avery. . . But if you were held in the possition I was in with Avery you would have also given anything for a night in bed with her. . .


I got in to the house to find Melody eating cereal on the table and Mia feeding Jovan. With the sudden hurge of emptyness I dashed to the table and grabbed Medoly in my arms and swung her up in the air where she was giggling 'Daddy cereal.' Daddy cereal.' I couldn't help but smile at how cute she was which in ways reminded me of Taylor, I guess the first child always take up after their mother. . . Or rather the one that raises them the most.

I guess Mila noticed the look in my eyes, or she must have already known what had happened, because the look in her eyes explained a lot. She went back to feeding what look like apple sauce to Jovan. I walked to the kitchen and drank a glass of cold water, feeling the exhaustion fall down hard on my shoulders I decied to just go to sleep and try to forget this extremely eventful week, but one thing I will always relive is the moment I laid my eyes on Taylor at the restaurant and the way her cheeks where so bright and pink. I just wish everything would just go back to the way it was before. . .

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